90 Day Fiance: Ariela Reveals Wedding Plans With Biniyam, Not Returning To Ethiopia?

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way cast Ariela Weinberg teased her wedding plans with Biniyam Shibre during an Instagram Live. While almost all the couples of this spinoff eventually got married, Ariela and Biniyam had some different plans. Ariela dropped some shocking details right after the season finale ended. Is a while wedding in the books for Ari and Bini? Here’s what she had to say about the same.

90 Day Fiance: Ariela Confessed She Doesn’t Want To Tie The Knot!

Ariela confessed that she isn’t a “fan of wedding” during an Instagram Live session. She said she never enjoyed it. Though the TLC star was once married to her ex, she doesn’t believe in marriages anymore. When fans asked her when they could see her in a bridal dress, she quickly said that the thought of wearing a white dress had never excited her. The freelance travel writer further teased that she never dreamed of wearing a bridal dress. But indeed, she’s interested in finding someone who could be her best friend and lover.

But the thought of a wedding is too much for her. Ariela also said, “don’t kill the flowers,” instead, put them in a nice pot. Despite everything, fans still keep asking her when she would tie the knot and live a happily ever after with Biniyam. Some of them also questioned whether or not the thought of a beach wedding excites her. On this, the TLC star slyly reacted that she would take the beach, but not the wedding. It seems Ariela has already made her mind and doesn’t want to fuel fans’ enthusiasm.

Biniyam, on the other hand, is looking forward to living the rest of his life with his love interest. He once confirmed in 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell-All that he’s fond of big weddings. But the couple doesn’t have parallel thoughts. It shortly raised fans’ concerns. It seems there’s a long way for them to understand each other and adjust accordingly. But to everyone’s surprise, Ariela finally stated that she could think about the smaller and intimate wedding. But not now! Well, it could be an excellent start for the couple.

90 Day Fiance: Ariela Let Biniyam To Return To Ethiopia Alone

While the couple appears at a crossroads in their relationship, the freelance travel writer firmly refuses to return with Biniyam to Ethiopia. Well, the couple’s relationship was quite rocky, especially when Ariela left with her son to New Jersey for his hernia surgery. Meantime, she accused Biniyam of enjoying his time alone with other girls. That further escalated the problems between the couple. But Ariela suggested that the only way to save their relationship is staying in Kenya. She doesn’t want to face his family in Ethiopia anymore.

On the flip side, their immigration lawyer told the couple to fly to Ethiopia as soon as possible as Biniyam had a visa interview. But his would-be spouse denied going there. So, that left him to handle the entire process all alone. Meanwhile, Ariela already gave him an ultimatum that they would stay in Kenya only for a few months. So the couple would move back to the United States later. Although Biniyam doesn’t want to leave his native country, he fears losing his son and love interest again.

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