90 Day Fiance: Evelyn Cormier Slams “Emotional Abuse” Allegations On David After Divorce Announcement

90 Day Fiance star Evelyn Cormier recently announced her split with her husband, David Vazquez Zermeno. After spending four years together, Evelyn revealed that her marriage with David wasn’t all roses. The young TV star recently disclosed that she left David after counseling and prayerful considerations. Well, many fans had already predicted their divorce before Evelyn revealed it. Shockingly, Evelyn shared a coverup before yet their presumed divorce could finally process.

90 Day Fiance: Evelyn Shared Details Of Alleged Emotional And Mental Abuse By David

In her latest Instagram Live, Evelyn dropped the news that she and her husband David are finally splitting. But, only a few minutes later, she deleted the clip leaving fans in a rattled state. While many fans think it was a publicity stunt, TLC star, 22, clarified her point in a recent interview with InTouch. Evelyn alleged that she underwent emotional and mental abuse. Moreover, she blames her sexless, passionless, and narcissistic relationship with David for it.

The TLC star added that it’s a good reminder to know that everything that looks good on social media isn’t true at all. She said that it was difficult for her, and she is yet to heal from this phase. But, she is currently trusting in God and the plan he has for her. Evelyn also blamed David for not being supportive and passionate in their marriage. David, on the other hand, denied all these accusations. He said God knows all their marital issues. Yet, David added that he doesn’t want to share many details about their relationship out of respect.

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The couple also appeared on the 90 Day Fiance spinoff, where they shared some of their personal details. Despite dealing with a lot of ups and downs, the couple decided to stay together. Back in February 2020, Evelyn shared that David is quite a private person, and she respects him. However, from time to time, fans spotted her without her diamonds. That let many of her fans question whether or not the couple is still together. But Evelyn discarded those comments. She said she didn’t wear her ring as she was afraid of losing it. Moreover, she also confirmed that they were together back then.

90 Day Fiance: Are Evelyn And David Officially Splitting?

Many fans speculated back in 2020 that Evelyn and David aren’t together, as David was missing from her latest posts. However, Evelyn scraped off that news by saying her page is only for music. Even though fans spotted her without the ring, she clarified that it’s not what they think. Evelyn once again addressed those rumors to promote their debut in 90 Day Fiance: Love Games a year later. Thus, people still believed that they were probably together.

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There’s a possibility that fans’ predictions might be quite accurate. The couple isn’t staying together. Well, they previously moved to Los Angeles leaving their native place behind. The move came after Evelyn showed up in American Idol Season 17. She had also secured a place in the top 14. But, she was eliminated after her performance of Kansas’ Dust In The Wind. Yet, the couple decided to relocate. So, Evelyn used this opportunity to enhance her music career.


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