The Family Chantel: Why Nicole’s Agency Over Her Body Is Empowering

On The Family Chantel, Nicole Jimeno follows her own rules. Through her breast augmentation, she reinforced her agency over her own body.

Nicole Jimeno from The Family Chantel recently got breast augmentation surgery, and her choice to change her body as she saw fit is impressing fans. She reinforced that it is her right to do exactly as she likes with her body. Nicole has been a confident force on the reality hit since season 1, and she never hesitates to share her opinions or live by her values. She always shares her truth, whether she’s speaking on her brother Pedro Jimeno’s love life or her own. Some fans think that she likes to stir the pot, but no one can deny that Nicole is fiercely independent.

When it came to her plastic surgery, Nicole had the support of her brother Pedro Jimeno and her mother, Lydia Jimeno. Nicole’s friend Coraima Morla shared that plastic surgery is normalized in the Dominican Republic. She said it’s a big part of the culture. Pedro’s wife Chantel Everett Jimeno, who is a nurse, chimed in by saying that she was entirely supportive of Nicole, as long as the plastic surgeon performed the operation safely. Chantel and Nicole often butt heads, so the positive reinforcement between the sisters-in-law was refreshing to see.

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The only person who had a problem with Nicole’s procedure was her boyfriend, Alejandro Padron. Even though Nicole and Alejandro were having problems after her time in New York, he still weighed in on her surgery. Alejandro was worried that Nicole would attract other men’s attention due to the procedure. Lydia, who dislikes Alejandro, was rooting for that outcome. Regardless of Alejandro’s criticism (or the support of her friends and family), Nicole reiterated that changing her body was her decision. Fans are hoping that Nicole will ditch Alejandro, Nicole said, “You have more to grab, more to feel. Why wouldn’t you be happy?”

Nicole said, “I feel bad that Alejandro doesn’t approve of the surgery, and I hope he changes his mind, but if he doesn’t change his opinion, I’m going through with it anyway because it’s what I want.” Lydia could only laugh. She wanted Nicole to find a new man who would help her achieve her dreams, rather than holding her back. In the reality television realm, there is endless speculation about plastic surgery, including criticism. Watching Nicole embrace her decision to alter her body with tremendous joy and confidence lends to an empowering narrative of agency over body modification within entertainment. Nicole has slowly but surely been leveling up her image. from braces on her teeth to plastic surgery.

Fans may take issue with Nicole’s big personality when she criticizes her brother. However, when it comes to her decisions that impact her own life, she is a breath of fresh air. Nicole loves her new body and is proud to share her thoughts with anyone who asks. Lydia told Entertainment Tonight that Nicole has lots of men trying to talk to her now. Nicole joked, “it’s a big problem.” If Nicole and Alejandro call it quits, hopefully, fans will get to see Nicole fend off all the men coming her way in The Family Chantel season 4.

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