General Hospital Spoilers For The Week Of November 6, 2021: Britt Opens Up, Peter Issues A Warning

Things will get colder and chiller in the upcoming days of December 6, 2021. General Hospital spoilers suggest that everyone will be mourning and trying to make peace with Jason’s demise. First, Sonny and Britt will find a friend in each other. Then, Carly will make a decision. Willow will also come to know about something, and she wouldn’t know how to react to that.

Nina will find herself struggling with several things and get some advice. On the other end of the town, Maxie will be everywhere, and Ava will issue an ultimatum. Britt will also open up about something and make some moves. What will she do? Here is everything to know.

General Hospital: Sonny and Britt Become Friends?

Starting off the week of December 6, 2021, Sonny and Britt will come together. There is speculation that they might bond on Jason’s loss and become friends. How would this dynamic be? We will have to wait to know.

General Hospital

More Sonny-related spoilers indicate that he will forge an arrangement with someone. Who could this person be? We will know eventually. In the meantime, Sonny’s wife Carly will make a huge decision. And this will be a difficult decision. Could this have something to do with Jason and his memorial? That is a possibility.

Willow Knows Something

On the other end of the town, Willow will find some shocking information, and she wouldn’t know how to react. What will she find out? While we don’t know a lot about it, this information will force her to make a decision. By the end of the week, Nina will also ask Willow for a favor. What could that be about?

General Hospital

Speaking of Nina, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Nina will continue to be on Carly’s hate list. Carly will confront Nina in the upcoming days as she looks for some answers. Not only that, but Sonny will also challenge Nina on something. She will also get some advice from Liesl. Liesl will hope that Nina can make things better. How much Nina does it is yet to be seen.

General Hospital: Drew’s Mission

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Drew will come back, and he will make finding Louise a mission for himself. He doesn’t know that “Bailey” is Louise. So, he will work to find her. All of this might push Maxie on edge. More Maxie-related spoilers reveal that Maxie will confront her past in the upcoming days. There is speculation that Maxie will come face to face with Peter. So, this might just be it.

General Hospital

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Maxie will be everywhere in the upcoming days. She will be a friend’s rock and also issue a warning to Dr. Austin. Spoilers also claim that Peter will issue a threat. Does he have something around the custody? Meanwhile, Anna will try to cut a deal with Peter. What is it now?

Trouble For Nikolas and Ava

Further, General Hospital spoilers suggest that there will be some trouble brewing for Nikolas and Ava in the upcoming days. Not just that, Ava will issue Nikolas a word of caution. So, this could be something. As we move ahead in the week, Ava will also do something that sends Nik into a panic.

Other spoilers reveal that there will be a lot going on where the teen scene is concerned. Esme will get played by Trina, and Josslyn will have some questions for Spencer. Could Josslyn be up to something yet again? We will have to wait to know.

General Hospital: Brando Is Struggling

As we move ahead in the week, spoilers suggest that Sasha and Brando will be in dire need of support. GH viewers know that there are complications with their baby. So, they will be struggling with that. The good news is, Michael will come to their rescue


But, Brando will become increasingly desperate. And as per the latest spoilers, he will ask for help from someone rather unlikely. There is speculation that this someone could be Sonny, who will give Brando some fatherly advice. We will have to wait to see what advice he gives out.

Britt Opens Up

Rounding back to Britt, GH spoilers suggest that Selina Wu will reach out to Britt and ask her to support Brad. It looks like Brad might come back sooner than Britt expects, and she will be very happy about it. Fame10

also reports that Britt will reach out to Nina and open up about something. It looks like Britt is harboring some guilt about what happened to Jason. So, she might open up about it.

General Hospital: More Spoilers

Summing up the week of November 6, 2021, will be Willow, Michael, Brook, and Chase, who will run into each other. This will be very awkward for all of them. So, we will have to wait to see what happens there. Next, viewers will also get to see Gladys, who will be regretting something. Maybe becoming a grandma has changed something about her.

General Hospital

The upcoming episodes of General Hospital will see a lot of things changing. So, make sure you tune in and enjoy. The soap opera airs on ABC all weekdays. Don’t miss the action.

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