LPBW: Amy & Chris REGRET Wedding On Roloff Farm? Wanted A Different Ceremony

It was a joyous day for all Little People Big World cast members and fans when noted star Amy Roloff tied the knot with Chris Marek. The couple dated for a significant period before they sealed the deal with their wedding. Although both of them had a great time at the awaited celebration, they admitted to some things. It turns out there are things they wanted to do a bit differently on their big day. Keep reading to know the whole story.

LPBW: Amy & Chris Want To Change Something From Their Perfect Day

Amy and Chris’s wedding day got a lot of hype. As a result, TLC turned it into a 2-hour special. Hence, more fans got to see their special day through their TV screens. During a recent interview with ETOnline, the couple recalled their wedding again. It happened in August, and they got married at their very own Roloff farms. Of course, all their near and dear ones were present at the heartwarming ceremony. As they talked about the day, they also came clean about what was something they would have changed. The LPBW matriarch said that she “catered” a lot to her friends and family.


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However, she shouldn’t have done that as all the guests were already present at the venue to support the couple. Instead, she wished to have looked after her and her husband more. Chris replied along the same lines. The LPBW star mentioned that he was too busy running errands around the farm and “setting things up”. He did so until the very last minute! Hence, Marek revealed that he would have given himself some more time to relax before he walked down the aisle to say ‘I do’ to his lady love. However, some fans think that they were targeting Mattin this interview, hinting they didn’t like the farm wedding. What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

LPBW: Chris & Amy Take A Road Trip For Thanksgiving!

Currently, the beloved TLC couple Amy and Chris are five months into their marriage. As a result, they are making major changes in their life after being part of each other’s life permanently. Chris became a regular cast member of Little People Big World and even started working at the Roloff farms under his wife’s ex-husband, Matt Roloff. Looks like Amy is making important adjustments too. This year she spent Thanksgiving with her husband’s family instead of hers. Both of them took a road trip to meet the latter’s family.


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However, Amy didn’t totally ignore her family from doing so. Before going on the trip, she met her kids, i.e., Jacob, Jeremy, and Zach, along with their families. Unfortunately, she couldn’t spend time with her daughter Molly as she was on a different trip. The mother-of-4 then expressed loads of gratitude on the festive occasion

for her life and her family. The Roloff family member concluded the post profoundly by reminding her fans of an important life lesson. She said that although “life is full of ups and downs”, one must not forget to be grateful to and appreciate the people around them who help make it easier.

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