Days Of Our Lives Preview Video For The Week Of May 16-20, 2022: Peter Reckell Returns As Bo Brady, Bo Looks Out For Steve

Days Of Our Lives preview video for the week of May 16, 2022, is out. It reveals that viewers will see a good ghost appearance on the show. The preview video reveals that Peter Reckell will make a return as Bo Brady to help her daughter on the soap opera.

Bo will be on the show for a few days and look out for Steve and Kayla’s baby. A lot of drama is going on in Salem. But what will happen next? Keep reading to find out.

Peter Reckell Returns As Bo Brady
Days Of Our Lives preview reveals that first glimpse of Peter Reckell’s miraculous return to the soap opera as Bo Brady. Longtime viewers know that Bo was a fan favorite character, and everyone will be thrilled to see him again.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for May 16, 2022, suggest that Ciara will be making prayers. And Bo would not be able to resist helping her daughter in need. So, Bo will help her daughter to save her kid from the devil.

Once Ciara makes moves to try and save Baby Bo, she will find herself covered in white light, which will act as a shield of protection. In the preview, Ciara is seen asking Ben if he can see what is happening.

Furthermore, Days Of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Ciara will be able to save her baby from the devil. And Bo Brady will not just help her daughter but also show up at the hospital and look out for his old friends.

Days Of Our Lives: Bo Looks Out For Steve
Moving forward in the preview, Ava will be furious over Kayla’s inability to save her son. It is likely that Steve, Kayla, and Ava will be distraught over this loss. They will feel like they cannot do anything now. But just when they are losing all their hope, Bo will appear in front of Steve, and he will be shocked.

Days of Our Lives

Days Of Our Lives spoilers suggest that another miraculous appearance will be seen on the show, and it will affect Tripp’s future somehow. Bo will tell Steve that he saved his life, and it is time that Steve does the same to Tripp. And next, viewers will witness a miracle when Tripp is brought back to life. Things are becoming wild and dangerous on the NBC soap. So, stay tuned.

In the comments below, tell us: What do you think will happen next? TV Season & Spoilers will keep you updated with all the news until then. Days Of Our Lives airs on NBC all weekdays.

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