Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For Monday (May 16, 2022): Ben And Ciara Try To Save Their Baby, Tripp Makes A Big Sacrifice

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers for May 16, 2022, are out. And it teases that the upcoming episode will be full of dangerous threats and concerns. To begin with, Ben and Ciara will do everything in their power to save their kid. Then, Tripp will make a big sacrifice for Allie while Shawn and Belle focus on what really matters. What would that be about? Keep reading to find out.

Ben And Ciara Try To Save Their Baby
Days Of Our Lives spoilers for May 16, 2022, reveal that Ben will try to stop the ritual that Allie started, but they will be thrown off onto a cold floor. After Ben, Ciara will try to save her kid. And she will get some help in the form of white light that offers a shield of protection.

DOOL spoilers suggest that Ciara said a prayer and sought help from Bo Brady. Bo really will come across to help his daughter and grandchild. Ben and Ciara will meet with their baby in the upcoming week.

As for possessed Allie, she will try to run away and end up at St. Luke’s loft. Allie will try to set the church on fire, but Tripp and Johnny will rush

to stop her from doing so. A lot of other Salemites will want Allie to be safe and secure.
Days Of Our Lives: Tripp Makes A Big Sacrifice
Speaking of Tripp, he will cross paths with Charlie Dale but won’t get distracted. It sounds like Tripp will realize that he loves Allie and would do anything to protect her. Days Of Our Lives spoilers tease that when Allie faces death, Tripp will show up to take her place as the final showdown begins.

Days of Our Lives

More spoilers reveal that Shawn and Belle will start reconnecting even after all the baby drama. Regular viewers know that Jan Spears has been trying to create trouble between Shawn and Belle. But the duo will realize what’s more important and start working on their relationship.

What will happen next? We have to wait and watch. It looks like many interesting storylines are in action. Until then, stay tuned. TV Season & Spoilers will keep you updated. Days Of Our Lives airs on NBC all weekdays. Don’t miss the action.

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