Days of Our Lives: Tripp Dies Trying To Save Allie, Makes BIG SACRIFICE

The latest spoilers for Days Of Our Lives suggest that the devil will try to run a ritual for Ben and Ciara’s baby. Viewers know that the devil will want Allie to be killed after all of this. But, Tripp will come to Allie’s rescue and save her. The speculation is that Tripp will be seen making some heroic moves to save the love of his life. What will happen next? Keep reading to find out.

Devil Goes Down
Days Of Our Lives spoilers for the week of May 16-20,2022, suggest that a lot of devil’s drama will go on as he tries to take control of Ben and Ciara’s little baby. Viewers keeping up with the show know that Allie is currently playing the role of Devil. So, it is obvious that she’s a big part of all the mayhem around Salem. The spoilers reveal that Baby Bo will be saved thanks to Bo’s dead grandfather.

Days Of Our Lives: Tripp Risks His Life To Save Allie
After Baby Bo is saved, the storyline will shift to Allie and her wellbeing. Long-time viewers are well aware that the devil will want Allie killed after all this drama is over. But Tripp wants to save his love’s life. Even though Allie cheated on her, Tripp will always want the best for Allie.

Once Allie’s life is in danger, Tripp will jump to her rescue. He will tell the devil to kill him instead of Allie. The viewers will see Tripp begging the devil just to take him. But it is likely that the devil won’t agree to whatever Tripp wants.

After a while, the devil will enter Tripp’s body and force him to kill Allie. Although Tripp will try to fight and not follow the devil’s commands. Then, Tripp will realize that there is only one way to save his love, so he will make a deadly sacrifice.

Days of Our Lives

Days Of Our Lives spoilers tell us that Tripp will hurt himself by jumping out of the tower window of the church. Kayla will be distraught for not being able to save her son. But viewers are in for a miraculous appearance that is looming around Salem in the form of Steve. There is a possibility that Tripp might get saved even after all this drama if Steve wants.

What will happen next? We have to wait and watch. It looks like many interesting storylines are in action. Until then, stay tuned. TV Season & Spoilers will keep you updated. Days Of Our Lives airs on NBC all weekdays. Don’t miss the action.

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