General Hospital: NEW BIG TWIST Is Felicia Esme’s Mom?

The latest General Hospital spoilers tease that new twists and turns are coming up on the ABC soap opera. Viewers know that Ryan Chamberlain claims to be Esme’s father but is that really true? The show has been dropping hints about Esme’s bio-mom recently, and it teases that Felicia Scorpio might be the evil teen’s birth mother. What will happen then? Keep reading to find out.

General Hospital Drops Hints About Esme’s Mom
To begin with, General Hospital viewers know that Esme went to meet her psychopath father, Ryan Chamberlain. He was furious with Esme about her progress on their plan, and he also gave some hints about who Esme’s mother could be.

Long-time viewers know that Esme was adopted. And after the death of her adoptive parents, Esme was raised by a nanny called Maggie Fitzgerald. Now that she has met her father, she would do anything for his love.

General Hospital Spoilers for May 12, 2022, reveal that Ryan talked about preserving himself from her mother’s intentions. Ryan acted like she could not let his guard down in front of Esme’s mom and the psycho villain flashed back to some memories of a heated confrontation with Felicia Scorpio many years ago. This all made the fans wonder if Felicia is Esme’s bio-mom.

New Twist, Felicia, and Mac Scorpio Are Esme’s Real Parents?
Furthermore, now that Ryan has memories of Felicia, this also makes sense with the storyline of Felicia, who wishes she had a kid. Moreover, Felicia also mentioned how she wants a daughter who’s all grown up instead of starting it all again. The speculation has it that Felicia might be Esme’s daughter and Mac might be the father.

General Hospital

We get why Felicia would be the mother, but Mac, we are still not sure. However, the chances are that Ryan might not be Esme’s father at all, and he manipulated her into believing that to complete his agenda.

As per the latest speculations, Mac and Felicia might have a teenage daughter. And it could be the evil teen of Port Charles. This will actually give Ms. Prince a chance at redemption if she leaves the side of her killer father and becomes a part of Felicia’s family.

We will see a lot of drama and action in the coming days at Port Charles. In the meantime, TV Season & Spoilers will keep you updated about all the happenings of the soap opera. General Hospital airs on ABC all weekdays. Keep an eye on the space.

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