General Hospital Spoilers For Monday (May 16, 2022): Esme Plans A Big Gesture, Stella Comes Clean

General Hospital spoilers for May 16, 2022, reveal that the upcoming episode will see some family drama and a lot of complications. First off, Ned will be upset over Michael and Drew’s offer, which will lead him toward Valentin’s plans. Then, Esme will plan a grand gesture for Spencer while Stella comes clean to Curtis. What will happen then? Keep reading to find out.

Ned Is Upset
General Hospital spoilers for Monday reveal that Leo Quartermaine will be prepared to recite his poem. And he will get last-minute advice from Harrison Chase. So, Leo will get confident about his act after striking a deal with Chase. The spoilers also tease that Drew and Michael will make a job offer to Ned. Drew and Michael will want Ned to be the COO. But Ned will feel that is some consolation prize and will seem upset about it.

Furthermore, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Ned will be lured toward Valentin’s offer in the upcoming days. But that isn’t all about Valentin. GH spoilers suggest that he will be a conversation topic between Anna Devane and Felicia. It looks like Felicia will be surprised to get all these romantic details so late, and she might also talk to Valentin about his intentions for Anna.

Esme Plans A Big Gesture
Moving forward in the episode, Esme will be busy planning a big gesture for Spencer, but she will continue to feel distant from him. This will push Esme to lean on Nikolas for comfort. Regular viewers know that Esme is planning to destroy Ava and Nikolas’ marriage. So, she will do everything to complete her mission.

General Hospital

Speaking of Ava, Trina will be worried about Ava and Nik’s marriage. After Trina gives Ava and Portia some bad news about the case, the focus will then shift to Ava’s marriage. Although Ava will want Trina not to worry about all this and let her take care of it. In fact, she will want Trina to focus on herself and her wellbeing more than anything else.

General Hospital: More Spoilers
Next on General Hospital, Stella will come clean regarding the whole truth about Marshall. The spoilers tell us that Stella will have a lot of details about Marshall’s past. And Curtis will obviously lash out when he realizes that his auntie was lying to him. These details will include why Marshall was in a mental institution, and Stella will be with him until Curtis feels better.

General Hospital spoilers also reveal that Dante will meet with Sonny and tell him about the conflict that Michael’s preparing for. It looks like Dante will be warning Sonny to watch his back so he will be prepared accordingly.

We will see a lot of drama and action in the coming days at Port Charles. In the meantime, TV Season & Spoilers will keep you updated about all the happenings of the soap opera. General Hospital airs on ABC all weekdays. Keep an eye on the space.

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