LPBW: Jacob Taunts Jeremy & Audrey For Vacationing In Hawaii? Family Feud Continues!

Jacob Roloff had always been the lone wolf in Little People Big World. Later on, he ended up leaving the show too. Since then, the former star has used his social media to raise awareness about his political beliefs. Lately, a lot of LPBW raised their eyebrows at a new post on his social media. In fact, he was shunning people for going to Hawaii on vacations. Oddly, his elder brother Jeremy Roloff went there quite recently. Is the family feud resurfacing? Keep reading to know more about this.

LPBW: Jacob Slams Tourist For Going To Hawaii! Indirectly Calling Jeremy Out?
Jacob Roloff is very upfront and fierce about his beliefs on social media. As he leans towards the left, his Instagram posts talk about many things like unfair wages, marij*ana legalization, unfair treatment of minorities, etc. Similarly, a new post resurfaced on his Instagram stories. Apparently, the 24-year-old informed his followers that Hawaii is currently facing a water shortage crisis. Hence, it is simply wrong to visit the place.

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Therefore, the LPBW fanbase was quick to connect the dots. That’s because they realized his brother Jeremy Roloff went off to vacation in Hawaii with his wife Audrey and kids, Ember, Bode, and Radley. As a result, they began believing that they were still in a feud. In fact, this isn’t the first time they have clashed on social media. For a very long time, the former LPBW stars have been posing tons of posts without naming names, allegedly attacking the other sibling.

Apparently, Jeremy’s family is quite conservative and shares opposing political views with his younger brother, Jacob. Therefore, fans continue to notice their posts on social media, presumably meaning to take a dig at one another. However, neither of them has addressed these matters online and doesn’t speak of their feud in an upfront manner.


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LPBW: Jacob Calls Jeremy & Audrey Pseudo-Entrepreneurs!
Now that they don’t live together anymore, the Roloff siblings aren’t close to one another. In fact, there are cracks in their bond owing to things like opposing political views and also property disputes. Apparently, LPBW viewers often notice Jacob and Jeremy Roloff’s family clashing a lot on social media subtly. Last year, the younger sibling took to social media to share some sentences from a book he was reading. There, a part said that people from today’s generation are into “pseudo-entrpreneurship”.

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Well, fans already know that Jeremy and Audrey earn a livelihood through their social media influencing

career. In fact, they promote a lot of goods, especially MLMs, on their Instagram. Moreover, they also have a brand of their own, i.e., ‘Beating 50 Percent’ with podcasts, journals, and books talking about the importance of a healthy marriage. Hence, fans believed that Jacob was calling his big brother out for his career by saying that specific portion. However, there is no verification about it as there was no name dropping. Therefore, these are merely speculations on the internet. Keep checking TV Season & Spoilers for more such LPBW based news.

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