LPBW: Matt Never Intended To Give The Farm To His Kids, Shocking Old Clip RESURFACES ONLINE!

Shocking things are coming into the limelight in the Little People Big World fandom. First off, fans found out about Matt and Zach Roloff’s fight regarding property disputes in the upcoming LPBW season. Now, the head of the family put a part of the farm on sale. Since then, viewers have been losing their minds over this unexpected reveal. Apparently, an old video has been making rounds on the internet hinting Matt already had no plans to let his kids have the Roloff Farms. Keep reading to know more.

LPBW: Matt Rolff Wanted To Sell The Farm Years Ago? Wouldn’t Let His Kids Take ‘Control’?
Matt Roloff sent the LPBW fanbase in shock after revealing his family farm is on the market for sale. As the reality show came on TV, the famous father initially emphasized how he wanted his kids to run the farm after his retirement and carry on his legacy. However, things are far from what he thought several years later. That’s because none of his children are taking over the area. Hence, the LPBW star will be selling the place. Amidst all this, an ardent fan took to Reddit to share a clip from a few years ago.

Apparently, there was a segment in LPBW where Zach and Jeremy with their wives Tori and Audrey were having dinner with their parents, Matt and Amy. Suddenly, Tori reveals that if her father-in-law decides to sell the farm, she would be “destroyed”. That’s when Jeremy also states that in order for his father to let the kids have the place, he needs to let go of the “control” he has on the property. As a result, Matt’s ex-wife Amy supports this by saying he needs to learn to trust the kids to make the farm successful in their own way.

While all this was happening, Matt was awfully quiet. However, he only ended up responding to Tori by saying hearing what he heard from her means “a lot” to him. In fact, he didn’t say anything to Amy or Jeremy’s statements. Hence, this old snippet is making LPBW fans believe that he always wanted to sell off the land and that he has trouble letting go of “control”.

LPBW: Roloff Farms Going On Sale For 4 Million!
It turns out Matt Roloff dropped a huge bomb on the internet. Apparently, he took the decision to sell his beloved Roloff Farms for 4 Million dollars. At first, fans thought his kids would look after the area and carry on his legacy. However, the famous father had different plans. As per Jeremy and Audrey’s podcast and LPBW Season 23 promo, Matt wanted his kids to “negotiate”. In fact, he wanted them to come up with an “offer” to buy the farm.

On the other hand, the Roloff siblings felt it was wrong for their father to make money off his family. Hence, this led to a massive feud, and all of them were doing things separately. Whereas, Zach Roloff and his family are in Washington. Jeremy is on the hunt to look for separate farmland to settle in. Meanwhile, Jacob is a simpleton and steers away from fame and fortune. At last, Molly is leading a happy life in Washington as well with her husband, Joel Silvius. Keep checking TV Season & SPoilers for more LPBW news.

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