Sister Wives: Did Gwen Break-up With Alleged GF Joyce? Dating New Girl Already? [See Pictures]

Christine Brown’s daughter is a vocal advocate of truth just like hers. Each girl exhibits a great personality and never runs away from speaking their mind. Likewise, Gwendlyn Brown came out to her family as a bi-sexual and never once felt otherwise. Her Instagram featured a girl that the fans felt was her girlfriend. More so, they even acted out as “couples.” But, now, TV Seasons & Spoilers are going to report something strange. Tune in to find out spicy Sister Wives news.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn & Joyce Broke Up? Who’s The New Girl?
Gwendlyn Brown has made news regarding her sexuality and remarks from some of her family members. Apparently, one of her siblings doesn’t believe in her reality and has made rude comments about it. However, she doesn’t care what one says. The 20-year-old loves to be with her loved ones. Meanwhile, Gwen started to post about a particular person that made headlines. Her name is Joyce Chappel, and she seems to be Gwendlyn’s girlfriend. The rumored “couple” used to flirt with each other a lot and often said they loved each other.

They even took a trip together with Gwen’s family to Disneyland. Hence, things seemed serious between them. But, TV Seasons & Spoilers report that the two have unfollowed each other on Instagram. And it’s been a week since they are not following each other. However, there is not enough evidence as to what has happened between the two. Meanwhile, we have also found out that Christine’s daughter might be someone one.


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Gwendlyn Brown is latest seen in some of her friend’s pictures, where the two of them appear to have much fun. Fans instantly believed that the two of them could be seeing each other since Gwen doesn’t seem to be with Joyce anymore. However, there isn’t anything that could prove the two’s relationship. More so, as of now, we cannot say if the two are dating. Likewise, things between Joyce and Gwendlyn are still unclear. Well, the fans hope for an answer from the star kid herself.

Sister Wives: The Violence Between Gwendlyn & Truely
Gwen’s relationship isn’t going well with any of her close ones. First, there’s a rumor about her break-up with Joyce Chappel. And now, the star kid has revealed in a post that Truely Brown might be planning violence against her. Well, fans already know about the sour relationship between Gwendlyn and Paedon Brown. So, could this be a sign of another sibling feud?

Turns out Gwendlyn wanted to take a selfie with her little sister, Truely. But, the 11-year-old didn’t want to. Hence, then, her elder sister forced her to take one. You can see Truely’s face full of anguish if you see the pictures. More so, the event has happened in the light of fun and laughter. Therefore, nothing to get serious about it. Plus, it’s not a catfight. Besides that, what do you think, Gwen and Joyce? Have they broken up? Tell us in the comments below. And stay tuned to TV Seasons & Spoilers for the latest reveal on Sister Wives.

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