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Liz Johnston Shares Sweet Pics Of Baby Leighton’s Milestone

7 Little Johnstons fans were thrilled to hear that Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston welcomed her first baby named Leighton, on November 3. Brice Bolden is now a dad, and Trent and Amber became grandparents for the first time. This week, the new mom shared photos of her baby having her first bath. Actually, the milestone moment seemed very sweet.

7 Little Johnstons Fans Loved The First Photos By Liz Johnston

The first time that TLC fans laid eyes on baby Leighton came almost immediately. In that one, the baby girl was mostly covered up, and just her little face showed. Then, the next one arrived when the little one was a week old. Fans thought the photos were just too adorable. Since then, more pictures arrived on social media.

Leighton Drew Bolden Brice Elizabeth Johnston - Instagram
Leighton Drew Bolden Brice Elizabeth Johnston – Instagram

Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston isn’t the only 7 Little Johnstons star posting sweet photos of baby Leighton Drew Bolden. Recently, her grandmother, Amber took to her social media and shared the first extended family photo. Brice was there, as were Jonah, Alex, Emma, Anna, and their parents. Liz took the center place with Leighton in front of the rest of her family.

TLC Star Liz Johnston Shares First Bath For Leighton Drew

7 Little Johnstons fans more than likely smiled when they saw the photos of the milestone for Leighton Drew. Unfortunately, TLC couldn’t comment on the stories, but they could see that the tiny tot looked alert. As the photos showed two people in different clothing, it seemed that perhaps Amber helped with the process.

7 Little Johnstons – Liz Johnston – Leighton – Instagram

7 Little Johnstons fans really hope that they will get more seasons of the show from TLC now that Liz Johnston welcomed their baby. For some time, critics hoped that TLC might cancel it. However, it can be anticipated that Leighton might actually rock the ratings upwards again. Certainly, at the moment, nobody seems to be calling for any sort of cancellation.

Some fans hope that Brice Bolden and Liz tied the knot already. So, they also hanker for a wedding special. That speculation arrived when Trent and Amber seemed to change clothing mid-way through the baby shower. Notably, people thought that the shower looked nice but a bit over the top, possibly suited to a wedding as well.

The Sun reminded fans that the pregnancy news first arrived in September. Ever since then, interest in the family seems to have greatly increased.

What are your thoughts about the sweet photos of baby Leighton enjoying her first bath? Are you happy that Liz Johnston and Brice Bolden seem happy to post photos of their daughter? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t miss 7 Little Johnstons when it returns to TLC with new episodes.


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