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‘7 Little Johnstons:’ Brice Missing Since Liz Johnston Gave Birth

Elizabeth Johnston - Feature - YouTube

Fans of TLC’s 7 Little Johnstons are asking why Brice Bolden is missing from photos after Liz Johnston gave birth to their daughter Leighton. More specifically, fans have again started to answer if Liz and Brice have split up. Furthermore, some fans are even wondering if Amber and Trent Johnston may have put pressure on this relationship ending.

What exactly has caused fans to think Brice and Liz might no longer be together? Has he really been missing from photos since Leighton was born? Keep reading to see what 7 Little Johnstons fans are discussing.

Liz Johnston - YouTube
Liz Johnston – YouTube

7 Little Johnstons: Brice Missing Since Liz Johnston Gave Birth

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, fans have already been asking what house Liz Johnston and her daughter Leighton are calling home. Fans suspect she’s living with her parents to get help with the baby. The question, however, is whether the living situation is temporary or permanent. Some fans argue it isn’t uncommon for someone to stay with their mother to recover after giving birth.


Putting the debate aside, the new question fans are asking is: Where is Brice Bolden? Amber and Liz have shared tons of photos of themselves with the baby on Instagram. What fans have not seen, however, is very many photos of Brice.

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Liz and Brice YouTube/TLC

In fact, Liz Johnston shared the first family photos of her and Brice with the baby. Furthermore, there were family photos from the hospital with Brice. He, however, really hasn’t been in any photos since. Fans also assume that if Liz is living with her parents, they would not allow Brice to live there. Have they split up?

TLC Fans Share Their Thoughts

Now, some fans think it is a bit “wild” to speculate Brice and Liz Johnston have broken up right after they welcomed a baby into the world. Some of these fans also point out it is “obvious” that Brice does not enjoy the spotlight the same way the Johnston family does.


Leighton Drew Bolden Brice Elizabeth Johnston - Instagram
[Source: Instagram]

So, it is possible he just doesn’t want photos of him with his baby girl all over the Internet. Other fans, however, say it is just as obvious they are no longer together. 

I was wondering that too. He was in the birth photos but since they have been home the only people I see the baby with is Liz and her family. Makes me wonder if they aren’t separated too. Maybe that’s why she is at home now and we haven’t seen any pictures of Brice and the baby at home.”

One fan noted they hoped Brice consulted a lawyer before signing a contract with TLC.

What are your thoughts on Brice Bolden being missing from photos and videos since Leighton was born? Do you think he and Liz have split up? Or, are fans reading way too much into this? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more news and updates on your favorite TLC families.


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