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‘7 Little Johnstons’ Fans Call Out Alex And Girlfriend Allie

Alex Johnston- Instagram

7 Little Johnstons fans think that either Alex Johnston or his girlfriend, Allie are posting as other people on social media. So, they called them out to reveal themselves. This week, TLC fans saw a post that sounded suspiciously like they might be running the idea of marriage by TLC fans.

7 Little Johnstons Alex Johnston & His Girlfriend Allie Still Dating

With all the attention currently being directed at Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston, Alex seems to have faded into the background a bit. All eyes are on his sister’s baby, Leighton. There are also rumors running around that despite fathering a child with Liz, she and Brice Bolden might have split up. Is Allie or her boyfriend wishing they could be in the spotlight as well?

7 Little Johnstons - Alex Allie - TLC YouTube
7 Little Johnstons – Alex,  Allie – TLC YouTube

About a year ago, Emma Johnston leaked that 7 Little Johnstons star, Alex had a girlfriend. Since then, Allie, who hails from an agricultural background featured in plenty of photos on social media. She seems like a sweet person. But, some people wonder if she’s really interested in Alex. Well, if she’s acting as someone else, then it seems that things might be heating up between the young couple.


7 Little Johnstons Fans Call Out Allie & Alex Johnston

On Monday night, a post appeared on a Reddit page about the TLC show. A prolific poster wrote:

I think Alex and his gf whom he loves should get married
They’re clearly good fits for eachother and I think it’s just gonna happen at this point. They actually make a lot of sense together to tie it now. Some are saying it’s puppy love but I don’t buy it. That sh-t realest of the real


7 Little Johnstons Fans Tell Alex's Girlfriend, Allie, Reveal Yourself - Reddit
7 Little Johnstons -Alex and Allie Post – Reddit

Of course, that could just be a fan who loved that the youngest son from 7 Little Johnstons still dates Allie. However, for some TLC fans, it seemed way too desperate. Talking about marrying would have previously been impossible at Alex’s age. However, with the acceptance of Brice Bolden’s baby by Amber and Trent, maybe the young couple would really love to tie the knot. So fans of the show called the poster out.

  • Is this Allie posting this?
  • I think it’s Alex 👀
  • Hi Allie

Mostly, whether it was Allie or Alex Johnston, seems beside the point. As far as 7 Little Johnstons fans are concerned, they are both too young to tie the knot. One member of the community wrote:

First love is always the “realest”. It looks like forever, but usually that’s because of youth and optimism. They both have a lot of living left to do, and marriage for them shouldn’t even be considered. Most people can have a perfect relationship online, real life relationships are harder.

Do you think Alex and his girlfriend, Allie are posting as other people on Reddit? If they are, should they just reveal themselves so people can have real discussions with them? Do you agree that they are too young to tie the knot? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for the latest updates on the Johnston family.


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