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90 Day Fiance: Manuel Keeps Ashley in the Dark?

Ashley feels Manuel is keeping her in the dark on 90 Day Fiance. She hasn’t met his family. However, he’s been making promises to them without her knowing.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Feels Left Out of Manuel’s Family

Ashley and Manuel sit down with a therapist to work on their relationship issues. She explains that she feels “on the outside of his family.” The TLC celeb knows that they are a huge part of his life. So, she thinks that he is purposely keeping her separated from his relatives. And she doesn’t understand why.



The 90 Day Fiance cast member reveals that she hasn’t met his kids, even though they are about to get married. He explains that it’s not like he’ll never introduce her to them.

Ashley feels that Manuel isn’t seeing things from her perspective. She explains that she looks like this “lady that his boys have no clue” who she is, and she is going to marry their father. She feels that all they know is that she “took their dad away.”

Ashley Finds Out Manuel’s Money Promises

Manuel feels that Ashley might not understand his children. He also thinks that his children might not understand her. He explains that she might lose her patience if she doesn’t understand what his children are saying.

Ashley & Manuel | TLC

The 90 Day Fiance castmate feels like she can be very intense at times. He compares her to a matchstick. He says, “You scratch her head, and she fires up.” His children are 12 and 14 years old. He feels like he still has to protect their well-being. However, he hopes with time, “everything changes.”


Ashley feels like Manuel is keeping her in the dark when it comes to his family. She reveals that he told her he has to send his family $250 at the end of the month. She had no idea. So, she feels that he is having conversations with somebody and not including her.

He isn’t able to work in America. So, she knows she is the one who has to send it. She wonders when he would have a conversation with her about what he has been “promising others” in her name. She knows that it is an issue that will only get bigger.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley
90 Day Fiance | TLC

Should 90 Day Fiance Couple Split?

Manuel wanting to send Ashley’s money to his family didn’t sit well with fans. One person doesn’t think he is entitled to her money. Another person says that he is a “man-child.” A person also believes that the way he speaks to her is condescending.

Some 90 Day Fiance fans think it is a “green card flag” that Manuel wants to send money to his family when he’s keeping Ashley a secret. Another person says, “The only thing he will be introducing to his family is his green card.” A person also thinks she needs to “open her eyes” and leave him. One person even believes that he “doesn’t even like her.”


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