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90 Day Fiance: Nikki Sanders Dumped via Text Message – Recap [S10E18]

On 90 Day Fiance, Nikki Sanders is stunned when she gets a breakup text from Justin/Igor just two weeks after their airport goodbye. Ashley Michelle and Manuel Velas weather the storm and say I do. Clayton Clark breathes a sigh of relief when Anali Vallejos arrives better late than never to the altar. And Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra clean up nice for a beach wedding. Let’s toast to the end of this never ending season in this recap of season 10 episode 18 Happily Ever Afters.

90 Day Fiance: Nikki Sanders Cries Justin a River

Nikki Sanders is back in America after a tearful airport goodbye on 90 Day Fiance. She’s in New York City to do an interview with production. But she gets a text in the green room and breaks down sobbing. The producer asks if she’s ok and she’s not. It seems Justin/Igor sent a breakup text.  It’s quite long and articulate. But stings with words like our relationship “sacrificed my dignity.” And “shocked my family”. The end is formal, wishing Nikki happiness in future endeavors.

The well crafted words do seem a little unbelievable coming from a man who still calls her “the Nikki.” But she is inconsolable on 90 Day Fiance. She admits they had a recent fight over him not having a real job. And that she called him a user. So, they hadn’t spoken in a week but that wasn’t unusual. And they normally just move on from these squabbles. But this time proves different. Nikki Sanders ugly cries but there’s really not a lot of actual tears. And she hugs a producer for support before leaving in an Uber.



Later on 90 Day Fiance, Nikki Sanders calls her mom for some comfort. Of course her mom comes right over. Nikki is lying in bed with perfect makeup still ugly crying without a smudge or a smear. Her mom is upset and suggests Nikki get up and get dressed so they can get some fresh air. Nikki admits she’s not pulling the plug on the k-1 just yet. And that she’s begging Justin to give her another chance. But he’s ignoring her and she feels extinct. Hang in there we still have the Tell All.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Michelle Can’t Get a Read on the Rain

It’s wedding day for our favorite bathroom bangers Ashley Michelle and Manuel Velas. Manuel and his friends hit up the barber shop for a glow up and jokes. Ashley and her sis fret over the tropical storm. Ashley wants this beach wedding come hell or high water literally. Her sister suggests checking the radar. Ashley has a better idea and pulls out the tarot cards. She gives a wishy washy assessment and admits the cards are as helpful as the local TV weatherman.



So this 90 Day Fiance wedding forecast is cloudy with a chance of not happening. They all push forward in hopes they can eek out a ceremony in 5 minutes before the storm hits. Ashley Michelle wails in the car hysterically. Putting into question whether those crystals on her head are really working their magic. Nonetheless the wedding goes off without a hitch other than a little rain. So, it was in the cards all along.

TLC Couple Clayton Clark and Anali Vallejos Say I Do

Clayton Clark is still languishing at the altar when we pick back up on 90 Day Fiance. As the llama balloons slowly deflate in the gymnasium turned reception hall, a glimmer of light reveals Anali Vallejos has arrived. Clayton breathes a sigh of relief. We get a flashback to how this came about. Anali finally got off the bed and decided to show up to marry Clayton. Miraculously his sister Brandi’s daughter arrives to do her makeup. And a hairstylist shows up at well.


So, Brandi’s daughter who is also a bridesmaid knew Anali was coming and they would be late. So surely she could’ve alerted somebody they were on the way rather than let Clayton sweat. He gets props for performing a traditional Peruvian dance at the reception and Anali joins him. Later she takes a big step and video calls her father to tell him they are married. Her father seems stunned and has to get off screen when he starts crying. Anali is sad but doesn’t regret marrying Clayton her “little hamster”.

90 Day Fiance: Sam and Citra Get Busy in the Laundry Room

It’s no secret Sam Wilson is eager to move onto the honeymoon stage on 90 Day Fiance. He’s been patient, changed religions and gone through two ceremonies. But the first night of wedded bliss is spent sleeping upstairs with Citra’s dad and sisters. Because they all fear that a ghost or a serial killer is lurking in the basement in their rented farm house. But the family is headed back to Indonesia. So Sam should get some relief soon.



Before her dad leaves he tells Sam his expectations. That he take care of Citra, follow his faith and be responsible. Sam Wilson assures him he will. Later Sam sets up a seductive scene with rose petals and candles. But it seems they actually consummated the marriage in the laundry room. Because Sam’s dogs are used to being in the bed and were in the way of any amorous activity. So, we find that Sam did indeed get to unload. He still faces his legal problems but she says she’ll stand by him.

Sophie Sierra Finds Her Way to the Altar

It’s a wrap for Sophie Sierra and Rob Warne. In spite of some teasing footage that made it seem as though Sophie dashed, the pair married in a lovely beach ceremony. Sophie woke up with a sore throat on her wedding day. But managed to pull together her bridal look which was The Princess Bride goes to Coachella. Rob’s sister, mom and friends were there for the groom. Sophie and mum Claire had some trouble navigating the cliffs leading to the beach but they found their way.


Sophie and Rob had written some vows on 90 Day Fiance. Mum Claire definitely didn’t hide a hard eye roll when it was suggested Sophie feels “loved and protected” by Rob. Except when it’s 3 am and she has to pee outside. Nevertheless they say I do. And while Claire is emotional she does make good on her promise to catch the bouquet. And doesn’t knock anyone out in the process. Next up: the Tell All.

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