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Bold & Beautiful: How Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) Exit Maternity Leave

Thanks to Liam Being A Human Dumpster Fire, Bold & Beautiful’s Steffy Is About to Follow In Her Father’s Footsteps… Right Off the Canvas!

Most of this week’s Bold & Beautiful episodes centered around Thomas and Hope having sex. Like, a lot of sex. And of course, the moment Brooke was “inspired” to drive by and tell Thomas that she was proud of him, we pretty much knew what to expect. But what does it all mean as far as the futures of Liam, Hope, Thomas and Steffy — yes, Steffy — are concerned? Let’s discuss that… 

Sounds of Sex

I feel as if Thomas and Hope might have had the steamiest sex scenes to hit daytime since Covid had people making out with significant other stand-ins and the occasional mannequin. Heaven knows the sound-effects department had their work cut out from them. Between Hope’s heavy breathing and Thomas’ sweatshirt having the loudest zipper in the history of clothing, my inner ears were left beet red. Their encounters were so smoking, neighbor called and said, “Why do I suddenly feel like I need a cigarette?”

Hope Thomas sex


Liam probably wouldn’t recognize this version of Hope…

Credit: CBS Screenshot

I kinda loved the contrast between the sex scenes that Hope and Liam have shared and the ones between her and Thomas. It was like the difference between intimate and passionate. Both get the job done, but one feels more intense. Do these scenes indicate that Thomas is the better lover? Hey, y’all can debate that in the comment section. All I’m saying is that it was very reflective of real life in that sex is different depending on with whom you’re having it and the circumstances under which it’s being had.

Er… or so I’ve heard.


What’s The Rush?

It seemed odd that Hope so quickly jumped into bed with Thomas, but maybe that just proves that she and Liam really are perfect for one another in that they both make rash decisions. I really hope that the writers aren’t going to just brush past the question of why Hope was suddenly lusting after Thomas and willing to throw everything away to be with him, because I feel like that’s a valid story.

Liam Hope B&B

Hope, we understand your urge to slug Liam… but let us help you with your boxing moves first, okay?

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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Yes, Hope has said a few times now that she felt as if she was living in a gilded cage and waxed poetic about how Thomas truly sees her, but what actually caused this shift? It’s not as if Liam was being a bad husband (at this particular juncture) and that caused her to look at Thomas in a new light. Sure, Liam was worried about her spending so much time with Thomas, but he had good reason to be concerned.

“Hello, I Must Be Going”

Even Steffy’s cute new bangs and that blanket under which she and Finn canoodled couldn’t hide just how pregnant portrayer Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is. And of course, that means Forrester’s co-CEO will have to exit the canvas in the not-too-distant future to account for the actress’ maternity leave.

Steffy Finn couch Bold B&B

“Steff, it’s summertime in California, we have a fire burning, and you’re under a blanket. Is there something you wanna tell me?”

Credit: CBS Screenshot

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Now if there’s one thing we know about Wood, it’s that she tends to take as little time off as possible, which means Steffy won’t have to be missing from the canvas long. The only question is how, exactly, to explain her temporary absence.

Enter Liam, the human dumpster fire.

Yes, Steffy has insisted that she has no feelings for Liam and that he needs to stop showing up to plant unannounced and unwanted kisses on her. But what she hasn’t done is tell Finn what’s been going on. Also, let’s not forget that pretty much right up until the moment Hope hit the sheets with Thomas, she was denying to anyone who’d listen having feelings for the hunk.

In other words, what easier way to write Steffy out than by having Finn discover what his wife’s been keeping secret, question why she didn’t tell him and have a crisis of conscience propel her to leave town long enough to get her head on straight. You know, the way Ridge has done several times when forced to choose between Brooke and Taylor.

With any luck, Steffy will do a better job of making an actual decision than did her dad.

Random Thoughts

• I laughed aloud when Brooke was admonishing Hope. Why? Because the upset mom actually said her daughter was to have “no more lingering desires!” Who talks like that?!?

Wyatt Liam B&B

“I mean, I tried to take her off your hands once before… “

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

• Speaking of lines of dialogue I could go a lifetime without ever hearing again, let’s add Wyatt insisting “Nobody hates Thomas more than I do!” to that list. Especially when every single time, he’s saying it to Liam, who clearly hates Thomas more than his brother does.

• The fact that this show refuses to acknowledge uncomfortable past relationships is endlessly frustrating. When Wyatt was going on and on about how Hope is worth it, I’d have killed for him to have stuck a line in referencing his own past with the blonde beauty. It would have been the most natural thing in the world for Wyatt to have said, “Well, if you’re really done with Hope, maybe I should throw my hat in the ring again,” before adding. “What, too soon?”

• This week’s Sheila/Deacon scenes seemed totally random, but were in reality setting up events that we hear are about to unfold. I still don’t buy that Deacon would be swinging by to reminisce about his and Sheila’s great romance. Given everything he has to lose, it would make more sense for him to take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to that whole misbegotten affair.

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