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Bold & Beautiful Recap: Brooke Declares Hope and Thomas’s Affair Over

After a Screaming Match With Hope, Brooke Makes a Declaration Regarding the ‘Affair’

Friday, July 14, 2023: Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Hope defends herself, Taylor expresses concerns to Ridge, and Wyatt works on Liam.

At Thomas’s place, Brooke busts into the bedroom where he and Hope have just made love for the umpteenth time. She gasps, “Hope, my God! What are you doing?! This is unbelievable! You and Thomas?!”

Hope gawps, “Mom! What are you doing here?” Brooke turns the question back on her, “What are you doing here?! In Thomas’s bed! You are a married woman, or have you forgotten? How could you do this, Hope? How?!”
Brooke B&B


At Forrester, Carter is surprised Brooke is willing to talk to Thomas after all that’s happened. Ridge doesn’t think it should be surprising — maybe she’s willing to see him for who he is rather than who he was. Just then, Taylor flies in and says she’s looking for Thomas. They’re supposed to have dinner and she can’t reach him, “Do you know where he is?” Ridge says he’s with Brooke.

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Taylor asks why Thomas is with Brooke. Ridge says she’s worried about Hope and Liam’s relationship. Taylor knows what happened in Rome — at least it can’t be blamed on Thomas. Ridge says Brooke agrees; she knows Hope was behind the kiss. Taylor says that’s great, but she has a feeling that Thomas will somehow end up getting blamed. The last thing she wants to see is any of the Logans to drag him down. Carter beats a hasty retreat. Ridge and Taylor go over how happy and well-adjusted Thomas has been. Taylor is concerned that Hope’s little stunt in Rome will be a trigger for their son. Ridge shrugs, “It hasn’t been so far.” Taylor doesn’t want to see the Logans sabotage Thomas.
Taylor Ridge B&B

At Spencer, Liam is on a business call when Wyatt walks in with takeout. Liam disconnects and his brother says he brought Chinese food. He notices Liam’s been burying himself in work to distract himself from the situation with his marriage and asks, “When are you going to go talk to Hope?”


Liam doesn’t want to talk about it and can’t get Hope kissing Thomas out of his brain. Wyatt gets that he doesn’t want to talk about Hope and Thomas, so they’ll just talk about Hope, “Your wife? The woman you love?” They get into the takeout and Liam is relieved to hear that Wyatt didn’t tell Bill about Hope and Thomas. Wyatt thinks that this may be rough but it’s not the end of the world. He reminds his brother that he and Hope love each other and have a beautiful family, “Everyone can see that?” Liam questions if Hope could see it when she had her tongue down Thomas’ throat. Wyatt urges him to have a little bit of compassion and forgiveness for his wife. Liam can’t forget everything that happened in Rome. Wyatt declares that if he really loves Hope he needs to dig deep and find a way to talk to her and forgive her.

At Thomas’s place, he and Hope have pulled on some clothes. Brooke’s daughter pleads with her to let her explain. Brooke isn’t sure how Hope will explain this. She tells her she came to let Thomas know that she knows the kiss in Rome wasn’t his fault… but now she has to wonder if he isn’t manipulating Hope after all. Hope protests. Thomas didn’t manipulate her — she made a choice. She knows what she did, and she doesn’t regret it. Brooke fumes, “You turned to the one man your husband hates more than anyone!” Hope hurls back, “My husband left me!” Brooke tells Hope she has to keep fighting. What happened there today was a mistake, “You are not going to be with Thomas!”
Brooke Hope B&B

At Forrester, Ridge assures Taylor that no one is trying to sabotage Thomas. It was a simple kiss and nothing is going to come of it. Taylor reminds him that Thomas had an obsession and there’s an active trigger. That simple kiss in the heat of the moment could be very dangerous for their son. Ridge trusts Thomas and asks, “Do you?” Taylor does, but she does not trust Hope or her mother.

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At Spencer, Liam has to get back to work. Wyatt complains, “Don’t blow me off, man.” Liam knows he’s trying to look out for him and his family, and he appreciates it. He wants to forgive Hope but every time he closes his eyes, he sees the kiss. It’s going to haunt him forever. Wyatt exclaims, “It was one kiss! Are you willing to destroy your entire family over that?!”


At Thomas’s place, he tells Brooke that no one intended for this to happen. Hope came over because she was upset that Liam had asked for a divorce. Brooke snaps, “You should have sent her home!” Hope tells her mother to stop blaming Thomas, “I don’t need rescuing right now.” Brooke reminds her she was just saying the other day she wanted to fix her marriage… this makes no sense. Hope volleys that Liam made it very clear it is over between them. Brooke scoffs, “You can’t give up!” Hope screams, “I am not the one who gave up on my marriage, Mom! That was Liam!” Maybe what happened there was wrong and scandalous but it was also beautiful, passionate, and romantic, “And if anyone should be able to understand it, it should be you!” Brooke gasps.
Brooke Hope B&B

At Forrester, Ridge tells Taylor, “I know you’re concerned about Thomas, and I know you don’t have a lot of patience with Brooke right now.” He thinks that given enough time everyone will forget Thomas and Hope’s “moment” in Rome, “Everything’s going to work out just fine.” Taylor asks, “Who are you right now?” Ridge, who is mere inches from Taylor’s lips at this point, says it was one kiss and isn’t going to change anything.

At Spencer, Wyatt tells Liam he needs to let this go. He should forget about Thomas and think about Hope, “Think about your daughter.” Liam’s reply to this is, “Why Thomas?” What does that say about Hope? Wyatt doesn’t have an answer for that, but he knows Liam is the man Hope wants and loves, not Thomas.

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At Thomas’s place, Hope tells her mother she didn’t plan any of this. She didn’t think for a minute she could be with a man while married to someone else. She mocks, “Little Miss Hope Logan, too good to do something so thoughtless.” She informs her mother that what she and Thomas shared was beautiful, “I have never felt this way before and I am following my heart, just like you did all of those years ago.” She’s not blaming her, if anything, it makes her feel bad for attacking her. Brooke tells Hope she made a lot of mistakes in her life by turning to the wrong man, the inappropriate man. It cost her. She can’t believe what Hope and Thomas shared was beautiful because nothing good can come of this. Brooke orders, “The two of you are going to forget everything that happened here today; wipe it from your memories. No more lingering desires.” She informs Hope that she will go back to her husband, to her family. “That’s where you belong, Hope. You’re going to make it work. And this…whatever happened here between you and Thomas, it is over. This affair ends today!” Hope shakes her head.

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