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Liam Confesses to Wyatt — and Brooke Is Flabbergasted by Hope’s Rant

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Hope stands her ground with Brooke, Ridge and Steffy discuss Thomas, Liam, and Hope, and Wyatt is appalled by Liam’s admission.

At Thomas’s place, Brooke informs Hope that this can’t happen. Has she forgotten everything Thomas has done to her family, “What are you thinking?” Hope’s not thinking, she’s feeling. Brooke won’t allow it and declares the affair ends tonight. She wants her daughter to go to Liam and tell him how much she loves him, “He’ll forgive you.” Hope, exasperated, tells her mother that Liam can’t forgive her, “Liam wants a divorce!”

At Spencer Publications, Wyatt keeps riding Liam about letting one kiss ruin the life and family he’s built. If he loves Hope he has to try and forgive her… before it’s too late. Liam says she has Hope has feelings for Thomas. “That kiss was real and passionate and lustful and it made me sick to my stomach.” Hope looked him in the eye told him he was crazy but what he saw was not a figment of his imagination. Wyatt thinks Liam of all people can find a way to forgive Hope. Liam says Steffy said the same thing. Wyatt grows concerned about him hanging out with Steffy — is there another reason he’s not fighting for his marriage right now? How does Steffy factor in?
Wyatt B&B


At the cliff house, Steffy explains to her father that Finn got called to an emergency. Ridge is bummed as they were going to talk soccer. Steffy reflects on how easy everything is with Finn. She feels so lucky… especially considering everything that’s going on with Hope and Liam because she kissed Thomas. Steffy explains that the scandal really rocked Liam, who is not himself. Ridge is concerned about Thomas backsliding with all the fallout. Steffy knows. Ridge feels they’ll all move on… it was a kiss, that’s all.

Ridge tells Steffy they’ll have to keep an eye on Thomas, who will need to keep his head down and avoid anymore drama. He says Taylor is worried too. Steffy told Liam it will take time but he has to forgive Hope. Ridge thinks it’s nice that they’re still close. Steffy muses that they all make mistakes. Kelly comes out — she had a bad dream that something happened to Daddy. She was calling out and he couldn’t hear her. Steffy reassures her daughter and snuggles her.
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At Thomas’s place, Brooke protests that Liam was only reacting to the kiss. Hope argues, “He means it, Mom. Liam wants a divorce. I saw it in his eyes.” Brooke exclaims that doesn’t mean that she should turn to Thomas, who is taking advantage of the situation. Hope fumes that Thomas is not taking advantage. Thomas intervenes to say he never wanted to break up Hope’s marriage, “You came over here telling us that you know what I’m saying is true.” He just wants Hope to be happy. Brooke bellows, “Then send her home to Liam where she belongs!” Hope is fed up with her mother. She tells her that Liam may love her, but he also loves someone else, “He loves Steffy.”
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At Spencer, Wyatt questions Liam about Steffy. He admits he saw her in Rome; she knows what happened. Wyatt asks if he’s been to her house since. Liam has. Wyatt wonders if he went to see Kelly and if he’s confiding in Steffy. Liam says she knows how he feels. Wyatt asks if any old feelings came up. Liam repeats, “Steffy knows how I feel.” Wyatt asks him to be straight — is something going on with Steffy that might be impacting this whole situation with Hope? Liam reveals he did something really stupid, “I kissed her.”
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At the cliff house, Kelly is back in bed and Steffy confesses she used to fake a bad dream so Ridge would come in and spend time with her. Ridge wonders if Hope turned to Thomas because Steffy still has a connection with Liam.

At Thomas’s place, Hope rants that she doesn’t want to be with a man who has feelings for another woman. His feelings for Steffy hang over their marriage constantly. She thought Brooke might understand how she feels in this scenario. Brooke says her situation with Ridge is different and urges her to save her marriage and save herself the pain and heartache. Hope says that is what she’s doing. Has she asked herself why it was so easy for Liam to walk out on their marriage? He couldn’t forgive her even though she’d forgiven him repeatedly for much worse? Maybe it’s because he has a back-up plan. There’s a woman waiting to give him exactly what Hope gives him, “Family, love, hell, even a daughter!” Brooke protests, “He loves you! He’s committed to you!” Hope growls, “Oh, in the same way Ridge is committed to you?!” She’s sorry to hurt her mother but she doesn’t want to live like that. “How many decades has it been of you chasing after him begging for his love, wondering if he’s thinking about someone else?! I don’t want that!” She cries, “So, yes. I will always love Liam and I hate the way this has all transpired, but I want to be with a man who wants me and only me.” She turns to look at Thomas and smiles.
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At Spencer, Wyatt gawps, “You kissed Steffy?! Twice?!” Liam nods. Once in Rome and once after they got back. Wyatt doesn’t know what his brother is thinking. Liam protests that he was shell-shocked. He knows it was wrong and stupid. Wyatt protests, “You cannot go down this road, Liam!” Liam knows and he has too much respect for Steffy and Finn and their marriage. He promised he would never do anything like that again.

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At the cliff house, Ridge tells Steffy if Hope still thinks Liam has feelings for her it could undermine their relationship. Steffy flashes to Liam kissing her but declares that Liam’s future is with Hope.


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At Thomas’s place, Brooke knows that Hope will regret this one day when it’s too late. “But it’s not too late right now.” She can fight for Liam, she can fight for her marriage. Hope is fighting for herself. Brooke says Thomas won’t make her happy. Hope thinks she deserves a little better than what her mother went through. She tells Brooke not to make her the bad guy when it’s Liam who refused to fight for their marriage. Brooke insists he loves her and will come home. Hope says he’s probably over at Steffy’s right now declaring his love and asking her to take him back. Brooke exclaims, “She’s married to Finn!” Hope scoffs; that’s never stopped anyone. She hates what is happening. She hates that Liam saw her kiss Thomas and she hurt him, but after everything that’s happened she’s not sure she sees a future with Liam. Brooke knows what it’s like to be enticed by the bad boy. Hope fumes, “Can we just stop with that already?!” She knows Thomas has faults, they all do. But he also has strengths and one of them is that he wants her and only her. He doesn’t have some other woman rattling around in the back of his head, “Do you know how good that feels?” Brooke gawps, “You really are giving up on your marriage? You’re giving up?” Hope can only ask that she keep what she’s seen to herself until she figures out her next steps. This is her life, her choices, and she will live with the consequences, “I just know that I deserve more than half of Liam’s heart. I want to be with a man who is not in love with another woman.” She sits beside Thomas, who places his hand on her leg. Brooke and Hope engage in a staredown.

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