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Call 9-1-1! Bold & Beautiful’s Steffy Is Back in Sheila’s Crosshairs — Plus, Who’s Just *Begging* to Be Fired!

I give up. I officially have no idea what the heck we’re supposed to think of Bold & Beautiful‘s Liam. It’s only late August, and he’s already won the “Worst Soap Character of 2023” award, as far as I’m concerned. I mean, I’m not even sure there’s competition at this point! I just want to pull Scott Clifton into a hug and say, “We know it’s not you. It’s him.” But I digress, because it’s easier than talking about what went down this week on Bold & Beautiful

Liam, Present Yourself For Slapping

Look, we’ve long known that Liam is a waffler. It’s a running — if not particularly funny — joke that whichever woman he’s not with is the one he wants. But what went down this week was inexplicable, even in Liamland (a place I most sincerely hope to never, ever visit).

Kelly Liam B&B


I mean, can we talk about the fact he had the nerve to talk about “the years that I was devoted to you, without incident” as if he should get some kind of award? Like, is there a Marriage Loyalty Program where you get points for each month that you go without having inappropriate thoughts about someone other than your spouse?

It was right about then that my slapping hand started to itch.

Stop. Just… Stop!

He then went on to suggest that somehow, Hope’s one indiscretion with Thomas was equal to Liam spending more than a decade ping-ponging between Hope and Steffy. And it’s important to remember one crucial detail here: Liam has no clue that his wife slept with Thomas.

Were he to know that, I might be slightly more forgiving of his questions. But given that he does not know “Thope” have been boinking — apparently, largely offscreen, which we’ll discuss momentarily — he’s setting up the most ridiculous false-equivalency imaginable.


B&B's Hope sleeping in Thomas' arms

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But then, after Hope said she was “trying to take accountability” and Liam admitted that “Thomas is a one-woman man and I’m… not,” things went really south. Because after endless conversations about Thomas and Hope, the second she tried asking him about Steffy, Liam was all, “You know, we COULD talk about that, but let’s just focus on your unforgivable sin.”

Playing the “honesty” card, Liam said, “I’m not going to be able to forget, and I’m not going to be able to forgive. Not you and Thomas.”

It was at that precise moment I, to paraphrase the movie A Christmas Story, “wove a tapestry of obscenities that, as far as we know, is still hanging in the air over Woodstock.”



I mean… seriously, Liam. Screw you.

Dangerous Muse

Meanwhile, Liam’s Plan B — aka Steffy — seemed poised to reunite with Finn, who promised he wouldn’t let Sheila in their lives. Now, what doesn’t really track here is the fact that Sheila hasn’t shown a bit of interest over the past few weeks. You’d have thought that after Finn expressed his gratitude to her for having saved Kelly, Sheila woulda been blowing up his phone with constant texts.

Bold beautiful B&B sheila kimberlin HW

But the show had to free Liam from Hope — remember, they can only really do one thing at a time — and put Steffy/Finn on the path to reuniting before unleashing Sheila. Suddenly, the mad mama started muttering that “things would be very different if Steffy weren’t in Finn’s life.” And as Deacon pointed out, “Musings have a way of taking up space in your brain, and you have been known to act on some dangerous hypotheticals.”

With Jacqueline MacInnes Wood getting ever-closer to her maternity leave, I’m willing to bet what Sheila does next will help propel Steffy off the canvas.…


I really love the stuff with Ridge and Eric butting heads over the future of the company. I wish they’d had Eric rant about something more important than a stapler, though. How amazing would it have been if Eric was furious because a photo of himself with Stephanie had been replaced with one of Ridge and Brooke?

Bold B&B Stephanie Eric Baby Rick CBS/EC

That also would have allowed Eric’s rant to include Stephanie, who was by his side every step of the way during the early days of the company. And how incredible would it have been if at some point Eric slid in a dig about the fact that Ridge is actually a Marone? We didn’t get that, but I got chills when the patriarch pointed out, “When people think of Forrester Creations, they don’t think of Ridge Forrester. They think of Eric Forrester.”

Thorsten Kaye, John McCook "The Bold and the Beautiful" Set CBS Television City Los Angeles, Ca. 04/26/23 © Howard Wise/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 9031 U.S.Airdate 05/31/23

I’d love nothing more than for Ridge — being the egomaniac that he is — to quit in a huff and go start his own fashion house. Of course, longtime readers of this column know that I’ve been wanting a return of the fashion house wars for literally years!

Random Thoughts

• Given that the big office at Forrester has been used for everything from post-workout wardrobe changes to desk-top romps, it was odd that Eric suddenly acted as if this had long been his “private space.”

Flo Shauna Hope Brooke Ridge at Forrester Creations on Bold and Beautiful

• With Brooke throwing the whole baby Beth mess in Hope’s face on a regular basis, it would have been great if the younger woman had at some point said, “Let’s not forget Flo’s role in all this. And everybody forgave her. Does Thomas need to give someone a kidney to be forgiven?”

• Based on teasers for what’s coming up, it looks as if next week, R.J. will finally have something to do aside from remind us how much he doesn’t want to get involved with the family drama before diving into the midst of the family drama.

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