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B&B Spoilers: Eric Makes A Heartbreaking Confession To RJ

B&B Spoilers: Eric Makes A Heartbreaking Confession To RJ
Eric Forrester tells RJ the whole awful truth.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, October 26, 2023, show Eric coming clean with his grandson. Make sure to grab your tissues for this gut-wrenching conversation.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Highlights
Eric’s (John McCook) health is failing, and it’s happening faster than anyone could ever predict. Within a matter of months, Eric went from a few trembles in his hands to being told his days were numbered. While he’s kept this news under wraps so far, it’s time he at least opens up to his grandson.


Bold and Beautiful: Eric Comes Clean
If anyone deserves to know, it’s RJ (Joshua Hoffman). He has stood by his granddad’s side, became his hands, and helped him bring his designs to life. He dove into the family business to give Eric his last hurrah and has kept his mouth (mostly) shut about everything happening behind the mansion door. He’s a good man. A loyal man. A man Eric can trust.

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Eric sits RJ down and tells him all about the doctor’s latest visit and what it all means. None of it is good, and there is no joy here. In fact, this talk is going to break RJ’s heart. Expect tears of sorrow to flow as RJ processes this devastating information.

How will Ridge feel when he learns the truth?
He’ll be furious RJ didn’t tell him
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He will be angry at Eric
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B&B Spoilers: Every Decision Matters
Is it time to tell the rest of the family now? Eric may want to go it alone and all that jazz, but this could be a breaking point for RJ. It’s one thing to keep secrets, and it’s another for Eric to ask RJ to keep this to himself. This is a weight RJ may not be willing to carry on his own.


Perhaps it’s time for RJ to consider the consequences of keeping this to himself. Spilling may mean facing Eric’s wrath, but it also means getting him some much-needed help, love, and support. No one should go through this alone.

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