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The Bold And The Beautiful Next Big Storylines REVEALED!

The Bold and The Beautiful just celebrated the incredible milestone of hitting 9000 episodes on CBS. In today’s cutthroat age, where the shelf life for most shows is even less than a year, this soap has surpassed decades! Moreover, if B&B’s head writer, Brad Bell, is to be believed, the show will churn out another 9000 episodes minimum! And the award-winning showrunner knows exactly how to achieve that! Do you want to know how? Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to find out!

The Bold And The Beautiful: The Next Generation’s Ridge Forrester

In a recent chat with Michael Fairman TV, Brad Bell dropped some major hints about some big upcoming storylines. We already know that Joshua Hoffman has entered The Bold and The Beautiful as the new RJ Forrester. Brad teased that RJ will be the next generation’s Ridge Forrester and pull the soap to another 9000 episodes! Moreover, the story spinner teased that this is just the beginning, and by summer, they will introduce a whole new next-gen comprising of characters in their 20s.

The Bold and The Beautiful
B&B/ RJ (Joshua Hoffman)

The Cat With EIGHTEEN Lives

Talking about Sheila Carter, Brad Bell teased that they love going all out with the stories and plot twists with her. Kimberlin Brown is phenomenal, he suggested. Moreover, he gave a clear indication that Sheila isn’t going anywhere anytime soon since she is not just a cat with nine lives, but EIGHTEEN! So brace yourselves for some really twisted escape plan coming your way sometime soon!

The Bold And The Beautiful
B&B/ Sheila (Kimberlin Brown)

Will Brooke and Taylor Be More Than Just Friends On The Bold and The Beautiful?

Okay, so this one has been making rounds for a long while now. Fans have been talking about it ever since the two women became friends on The Bold and The Beautiful. Brad admitted that he toyed with the idea and let them do some scenes together to test the chemistry! While Brooke and Taylor are not headed directly into a romantic track right now, the possibility will still continue to hang above! “It might happen.” Brad teased in his interview. Would you be up for a twist like that? Tell us in the comments.

B&B/ Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Taylor(Krista Allen )

Steffy and Liam Hit The Sheets

This, again is something that sort of has a recurring theme on The Bold and The Beautiful. Despite of what Thomas did to Brooke, Hope has forgiven him. Moreover, she is now even fantasizing about him! This has obviously caused a crack in her marriage with Liam. On the other hand, Steffy and Finn are more in love with each other than they have ever been before! Which, again, is a sure-shot sign of upcoming trouble! Finn has become so absorbed in his doctor duties that he barely has time to romance his wife. Thus, sooner or later, Steffy is going to get lonely. And we all know what that would mean! A comfort session with Liam! Which would then lead to a make-out session with Liam!

The Bold and The Beautiful
B&B/ Will Steffy and Liam hit the sheets again?

If you ponder upon the above, you will realize Brad is probably not joking about the 9000 more episodes! That is sure enough fodder for it! So, which one of the above storylines intrigues you the most? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to the upcoming episodes of The Bold and The Beautiful to find out what happens next!


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