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Why Stephanie Forrester Is The Missing Bold and the Beautiful Piece

Why Stephanie Forrester Is The Missing Bold and the Beautiful Piece

Does Eric need Stephanie Forrester right now?

where is stephanie forrester in eric's story
Eric is due a visit from Stephanie Forrester the friendly ghost and ex-wife.

The Bold and the Beautiful is not a show known to bring folks back from the dead willy-nilly. The show is more grounded in reality and family-based relationships. One of the show’s most memorable characters was Stephanie Forrester, who can’t play a role in Eric’s current storyline as she is dead.

Paging Stephanie Forrester

Or can she? Perhaps there is a way that Stephanie (Susan Flannery) could lend some support to Eric (John McCook) as he faces the biggest challenge in his life! Eric is currently receiving aid from his girlfriend Donna (Jennifer Gareis) and others as he grapples with his mortality. But, the reality is that nobody could give a boost (or a kick in the pants) like Stephanie could.


A Bold Move

There was that time Taylor (then, Hunter Tylo, now, Krista Allen) came back from the dead after being shot and dying on camera. It turns out that Prince Omar (Kabir Bedi) of Morocco was obsessed with Taylor. He whisked her away from the hospital, and kept her as his…shall we say, “guest” for many years. That body in the open coffin? Oh, that was a wax dummy.

Now, as Stephanie doesn’t have an obsessed prince inviting her to live in his castle, it’s all but a certainty that the Forrester matriarch did die over a decade ago in Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) arms. However, Stephanie has appeared on the show since then and we’re not talking about just in flashbacks. Flannery reprised the role a few years back. She was there when Brooke and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) got married and she spoke to the bride through her portrait.

Good Company

Perhaps Flannery could be convinced again to reprise her role and make some kind of ghostly visit to Eric. She could give him the words he needs to hear to beat this disease that threatens to send him to the great soap in the sky. Bringing folks back to shows seems to be all the rage this year. Rena Sofer (ex-Quinn) is back on General Hospital as Lois; Veronica Redd (Mamie) is one of many familiar faces back on Young and the Restless.

Some of these visits we’ve seen are short-term and some are longer. Stephanie’s visit could be brief and to the point. Time will tell if B&B tries to make this happen. Stay tuned.


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