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Luna Is Horrified to Wake Up With Zende — and Poppy Goes ‘Mama Bear’ When Li Insults Her Daughter

Luna Is Horrified to Wake Up With Zende — and Poppy Goes ‘Mama Bear’ When Li Insults Her Daughter

Monday, February 12, 2024: Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, RJ updates his parents on his love life, Li visits Poppy’s apartment to lecture her, and confusion reigns in Zende’s guesthouse.

Luna panic B&B

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge concludes a work phone call and then he and Brooke talk about last night being one for the record books. He’s referring to their lovemaking. Brooke is also happy for Donna and Eric. Her sister’s dreams came true in one night. They kiss and canoodle. Ridge gets a text and reports that Eric’s going to stay home and rest today. He’s relieved. They go over Donna’s style of caregiving and Ridge muses that she has a lighter touch, much like her sister. They express their love and kiss again.


Brooke goes on about how happy she is for Donna and Eric as RJ comes in. He says it was great seeing his granddad so happy. Brooke asks about him and Luna. RJ says they’re happy, “She’s amazing.” It meant a lot to her that Eric invited her to the gathering. Ridge says he’s very high on Luna, “And you are too, I guess.” RJ grins and nods.
Brooke Ridge B&B

Poppy enters her apartment and hunts around for her mints. A knock comes at the door — it’s Li, who walks in and looks around. She had to see for herself where she targets and leads wealthy men. She complains about her going after Bill and muses that Luna’s also doing well for herself by cozying up to RJ Forrester.

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Poppy doesn’t appreciate Li barging in there to insult her and her daughter. She suggests her sister just stay away. Li scoffs that Poppy would love that, wouldn’t she? She rants about Luna having her hooks into RJ and predicts it won’t be long before she’ll break his heart. Poppy asks why she hates her and Luna so much. Li says she doesn’t hate them. Poppy complains that she’s always so angry and harsh, “You constantly shut me out.” Li says her anger is disapproval of her choices. Poppy asks, “Because I have lovers in my life.” Li points out there’s a parade of them, and they’re all handsome and rich. Bill may be the jackpot she’s been looking for. Li says Poppy’s carefree lifestyle is just a euphemism for taking drugs. She’s onto her. “I see you reaching into your purse for your little stash.” She warns her sister she can’t hide from her.
Poppy Li B&B


In the Forrester guest house, Luna awakens with a frown. Zende appears with coffee as she groans that her head is pounding. Startled, she asks Zende what he’s doing there. He says he lives there. Luna asks, “Where’s RJ?” Zende says he’s definitely not there. Luna asks what she’s doing there. Zende says he wondered the same thing when she surprised him there last night. Luna flashes to the party, deciding to leave, and coming into the guesthouse to drink some water. Zende says he came home and found her waiting for him. Luna asks, “For you?” She panics, “I need to know exactly what happened last night.” Zende tells her, “You know what happened.”
Luna B&B

At Poppy’s place, Li informs her sister she’ll always be three steps ahead of her and tells her she’s “such a disappointment” with her loose morals. Poppy’s unimpressed and has heard all this before. She asks Li to leave, but her sister persists, “You’re a druggie?” Poppy protests that she just takes a mint here and there for a lift, “I don’t drink alcohol…” Li snaps that she’s a grown woman living with her daughter, “What are you thinking?!?”

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Li thought she and her little sister would be best friends forever. Poppy says they were… until she got old enough to think for herself. Li says Poppy changed into a different person and abandoned their morals and values. Poppy tells Li they don’t all have to be the same. They can still be close. Li asks how she can be close to someone who makes choices she doesn’t respect. She brings up her pill-popping again and the example it sets for Luna. Poppy says Luna is brilliant and beautiful and she couldn’t be prouder of her. Li snarls that she’s a gold-digger just like her mother. Poppy leans into Li’s face and warns her she can say whatever she likes about her, but she will not talk about Luna like that. Li asks if she knows about the mints. Poppy says she doesn’t and won’t be lectured by Li. Her sister warns her she doesn’t know what’s in them and she’s playing with fire, “This could end very, very badly.”
Poppy Li B&B

At Forrester, RJ tells Brooke and Ridge that he would probably have left again if not for meeting Luna. Brooke and Ridge learn that they’re getting more serious and voice their approval. RJ says she’s very special, “I love her.”


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In Zende’s guesthouse, Luna asks him to throw her his robe. She makes him turn around while she puts it on. Zende asks if she’s upset with him, “What we shared last night was incredible. You were amazing; so free and uninhibited.” Luna agonizes, “No, no, no, no! What happened to me!”
Luna panic B&B

In Forrester’s main office, RJ texts Luna that he’s just checking in and hopes she had a wonderful night. He tells her he loves her.

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In the guesthouse, Luna wails, “RJ and I are in love. I waited and it was perfect and now I wake up here in this bed with you? What have I done?” Zende is confused. He came home and she was waiting for him. What happened was mutual. Luna wants to make sense of this. Zende was surprised; he didn’t think she’d take his invitation at the party seriously. Luna protests that she wasn’t waiting for him, “I love RJ, I would never do this!” Zende argues, “But you did.” Luna grimaces. Zende says he’s crazy about her and can’t believe she doesn’t remember how incredible and beautiful it was. Luna flashes back to seeing RJ and tells Zende that her boyfriend was there. “This doesn’t make any sense!” Her head is pounding and none of this makes sense, “I only had a glass or two of champagne!” Zende is so sorry about whatever it is that is happening right now. He hopes she believes he’d never take advantage of her right now. Luna assures him she knows that, but can’t believe she would do this to RJ, “How could I do this to him?! How could I?!”

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Zende and Luna talk about their shared night together, and Poppy is stunned by Luna’s news.

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