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Ridge and Thomas Console Steffy — and Finn Defends Sheila

Ridge and Thomas Console Steffy — and Finn Defends Sheila

Wednesday, February 28, 2024: Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Carter makes the rounds with shocking news, Ridge and Thomas support Steffy, and Finn has an emotional reaction to Sheila’s death.

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At the cliff house, Finn asks Steffy, “Are you sure you’re OK?” He can’t believe Sheila broke in there. He asks if they arrested her — is that why the police drove off? Sheila flashes to the stabbing and says, “No.” Finn asks, “Where is Sheila?” Steffy turns and says, “She’s gone, Finn. Sheila’s dead.”


At Forrester, Brooke and Hope embrace in the design office and talk about the crazy night. Hope shares that Finn said the power went out at the cliff house. She was at the hospital to pick up a prescription for Douglas. She explains that Finn was good, and it was good to catch up, but he was worried about Steffy.
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Brooke asks why Finn’s worried about Steffy. Hope says Steffy and Sheila had a confrontation. Brooke worries that Steffy should be careful. Sheila is very dangerous and she should stay away from her. Hope questions how realistic that is when she’s Finn’s birth mother. They discuss Finn having a connection to Sheila. Hope has no sympathy for Sheila, but she feels for Finn. Brooke muses that it must be hard being the son of a monster. She doesn’t blame Steffy for wanting to set Sheila straight after she approached Kelly. Hope says Steffy told Finn that she wished Sheila were dead. She could tell it rattled him a bit. Brooke asks what Sheila expects — she shot them in cold blood. Hope empathizes with Finn and his feelings for his own birth mother.

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In the main office, Thomas and Ridge are talking about him being in love with Hope when Carter bursts in. “Thank God you guys are still here. I just got a text from my contact at the police department. It’s about Sheila.”
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Thomas asks, “Did the cops pick her up for something?” Carter nods, “You could say that. Sheila’s dead.” Reading his phone again, Carter reports that the coroner was dispatched to pick up Sheila’s body. Ridge asks, “Where?” Carter relays, “Steffy and Finn’s house.”

At the cliff house, Finn asks Steffy, “What do you mean Sheila’s dead?” No, there’s no way.” Steffy replies, “She is, Finn.” He asks again if she’s sure. Steffy gasps, “Yes.” Finn asks if the police shot her. Steffy says, “She wasn’t shot, Finn.” She cries, “It all just happened so fast. I had no choice.” Finn’s eyes widen as she tells him, “It was me. I did it. I killed Sheila.”
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Finn says she can’t mean that. He stammers, “Oh my God this is unreal.” He tries to wrap his mind around Sheila being dead and his wife being responsible. “You couldn’t do something like that.” Steffy cries, “I did.” Finn needs to know what happened. Steffy says Sheila broke in there, she told her to get out, but she kept coming closer and closer. She grabbed a knife — she had to protect herself. Steffy had no choice but to kill her, “It was her or me.” Finn asks, “You stabbed her?” Steffy looks at the bloodied carpet and Finn’s eyes follow hers. He walks over to stare at the spot where Sheila died. Emotional, Finn chews his thumbnail and tears up.

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At Forrester, Thomas tries to call Steffy’s landline. Ridge leaves Steffy a message on her mobile to call him so he knows he’s OK. Carter reports that Sheila was killed. Thomas and Ridge rush off, telling Carter to call us if he hears anything else.
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In the design office, Brooke and Hope go over Steffy and Sheila’s physical altercation at Deacon’s apartment. They both feel that Sheila shouldn’t be in such close proximity to Steffy’s children, restaurant job or not. Brooke would have done anything to protect Hope when she was little, and she still would. Hope says that as moms, they’d all fight to the death if they had. Brooke hopes it doesn’t come to that. Hope still feels bad for Finn. Brooke says Sheila’s his mother in blood only, the best thing she did was to let him go. Hope questions if she ever really let him go. Finn doesn’t condone what she’s done in the past, but she’s his birth mother. She wonders if Steffy’s taking that into consideration. She has to imagine that on some level, Finn feels connected to Sheila.
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At the cliff house, Finn stares at the bloody carpet and repeats, “So, you stabbed her? You stabbed Sheila?” Steffy had to defend herself. Just then, Thomas and Ridge blow in. Finn steps away as Steffy assures her family that the kids are okay, and explains that Sheila broke in and tried to attack her. “She has something in her pocket, so I grabbed a knife. It was self-defense. I did it in self-defense.” They all gawp and Finn stares at the blood with tears in his eyes.
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At Forrester, Hope and Brooke continue talking about Sheila, who keeps getting away with her crimes. Hope still can’t help but be worried about Finn. She doubts it helps him if Steffy is antagonizing Sheila. Brooke thinks it was reckless to confront her at Deacon’s. Hope says Sheila was respecting the boundaries, but now… She feels for Finn, who can’t help that his mother is Sheila Carter. Just then, Carter busts in and says he has shocking news. “Sheila’s dead.”

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At the cliff house, Thomas and Ridge reassure Steffy and ask if she needs to talk about it. Steffy’s still in shock. She recalls hearing the loud noises in the storm before the power went out. She turned around and there was Sheila. She told her to stay away from her but she got closer and closer. “She lunged at me, and I just reacted.” Thomas tells Steffy she had no choice. “I’m sorry you’re going through this.” Ridge is so glad his daughter’s okay. Meanwhile, Finn silently cries as he thinks of Sheila telling him that she will always love him. Steffy tells Ridge and Thomas that she told the police everything, but they said a detective may come over to question her. Finn flashes to Sheila asking him to make Steffy leave her alone so she can just live her life. Steffy worries to Ridge and Thomas that she might be charged. “I thought she was going to shoot me. If I didn’t react, I might be dead right now.” Finn hears Sheila’s voice in his head repeatedly telling him she loves him. When Ridge says, “That animal got what she deserved,” Finn interrupts, “Animal? She was my mother. Sheila was my mother!”
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope informs Brooke of Steffy and Sheila’s fight, and Ridge and Thomas stand in support of Steffy, while Finn supports Sheila.


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