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As Deacon Rages Against Sheila’s Killer, Finn Walks Out On a Shaken Steffy Just When She Needs Him Most

Friday, March 1, 2024: Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Hope comforts a grieving Finn, Thomas fills RJ and Zende in, and Deacon makes a startling accusation to Steffy.

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On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge is comforting Steffy as she says it’s nice to have him there to make her feel less alone. “Your husband should be here too. Where’s Finn?” Steffy tells Ridge what happened — she was just trying to protect herself. Ridge understands, everyone does. “Even Finn?” Then Deacon bursts in, looking horrified and asking if Steffy killed Sheila.


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Finn and Hope, meanwhile, are going over what happened, and she assures him he’s allowed to grieve his mom. He knows who she was and what she did, “It’s not like I’ve forgotten.” But she was still his mother. “And now she’s gone. She’s dead. That’s because of Steffy.” His wife murdered his mom. Hope says Steffy went through hell too, and it’s going to take them both time to move past this, but Finn says he couldn’t touch her or even look at her. “I don’t think I can be in that house.”

He can’t close his eyes without seeing Steffy stabbing Sheila. Hope reassures him that he can get that out of his head. He’s just processing. When he points out that Hope probably thinks Sheila had it coming, Hope just says her feelings are “complicated” — as, she’s sure, his are too. But he needs to keep focusing on the fact that Steffy and the kids are safe. “Some people have a hard time understanding what you’re going through, but I get it. I can assure you, your feelings are valid.”

Hope’s there for him, “whatever you need.” He thanks her, and for being there for him. But he doesn’t know what he needs. He wishes none of this happened. “Even if it didn’t, Sheila was still being Sheila,” lurking, terrorizing Steffy. She’s not sure he had any future relationship with that woman. He should focus on the blessings he has, including the mother who raised him — and his beautiful family.


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Hope assures him he’s reacting this way because he’s human and Sheila was his mom. “But she shot me. And she shot my wife,” he recalls, and he should be picturing that, not Sheila’s blood. He thanks Hope once again.

Deacon’s trying to find out what happened and Steffy yells at him that it was self-defense. He wonders, though, if this was premeditated after Steffy threatened Sheila at his place. That’s insane — Sheila broke into Steffy’s home and lunged at her. “Sheila got what she deserved!” Ridge roars.

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“Got what she deserved?” A horrified Deacon asks. Sheila changed. She worked hard to better herself and just wanted to be accepted. Ridge asks that the woman who broke into Steffy’s home and attacked her was the better version of Sheila?? “This doesn’t make sense,” Deacon’s dumbfounded.


They didn’t know her like he did — she loved him and he loved her, too. He then looks over at the bloodstain on the floor.

After he leaves, Steffy worries Deacon will tell the cops she’d wanted Sheila dead. Ridge assures her they’ll talk to the cop and have their lawyer and she’ll be fine. Just as they wonder again where Finn is, he walks in. Steffy demands to know why he told Deacon and was at his place.

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He needed to be where Sheila lived and be close to her. Ridge yells at him that his place is here and Steffy tells him she needs to talk to Finn by herself. She gets why he’s upset — but so is she. “I took a life tonight. I never wanted this. Finn, I am so sorry.” He looks at her uncertainly as she apologizes in tears.

Over at Forrester Creations, RJ is incredulously asking Thomas if Sheila’s dead. Zende bursts in, “Carter just filled me in. It’s really true! Steffy killed Sheila!” Thomas assures them that the kids weren’t home when it happened, and Steffy’s in shock. Zende wondered if Steffy could be in trouble for this.

RJ and Thomas think Sheila’s tried to kill Steffy plenty, and Thomas insists they’ll do everything they can to protect her.

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In the show’s final moments, Hope arrives back at Forrester and Thomas asks how it went telling deacon what happened. She fills him in that Deacon was already gone — Finn got to him first. Thomas doesn’t get how Finn could care much about Sheila. “I feel bad for Finn and the DNA hand he was dealt, but at some point you have to accept it and move on.” Hope thinks she got through to him and convinced him he belongs with Steffy.

At their home, Steffy asks Finn if going to Deacon’s helped. He’s not sure, and he gets that how he’s reacting doesn’t make sense. But what she did feels horrible and real. Steffy says she can’t face this alone, and Finn tells him she doesn’t have to. He’s there and he’s thankful she and the kids are OK.

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Steffy assures him they’ll survive this. “We can get through anything together. We can overcome any obstacle.” She thanks him for coming home and hugs him close. This was exactly what she needed. She then leans in for a kiss, which he doesn’t reciprocate. “Finn?” “I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” he admits, stunned. He loves her and wants to get back to their life, but… he looks over at the blood. “I think I maybe just need a little more time. I think I just need so-some time.” He rambles a bit to an increasingly horrified Steffy, then runs out the door.

“Finn! What is going…?!” She’s left alone, hyperventilating in their home and starts crying after looking at the blood stain.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Deacon breaks down and Steffy opens up to Liam.


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