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The Bold & Beautiful Returns Guaranteed to Force Sheila’s Hand and Come Roaring Back to Life

The Bold & Beautiful Returns Guaranteed to Force Sheila’s Hand and Come Roaring Back to Life

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Poor Deacon. The Bold & Beautiful bad boy just had to go and fall for a sociopath who was bound to end up in the morgue sooner or later. Then again, we’ve still got our doubts that Sheila really is the woman he tearfully said goodbye to on that metal tray.

But that’s irrelevant to Deacon, who’s clearly taking this death hard and making him introspective as he mourns. He got used to being alone until Sheila, and now he’s struggling to go back to that. But maybe he doesn’t have to.

When we spoke to Sean Kanan a little while back, we asked about the prospect of Amber returning to Deacon’s life. And he was all for the idea.

“I love working with Adrianne Frantz,” Kanan shared. “I think in a lot of ways, Deacon and Amber were very much cut from the same cloth. They both grew up without much of anything. They were both scrappers, survivors and they couldn’t stand each other in the beginning but were so obviously attracted to each other.”



Does that sound like anyone else we know, like maybe Deacon and Sheila at the start? OK, Sheila was a scrapper and a survivor because she was always trying to stay alive and out of prison for the horrible things she did, but you get the picture.

“I think that would be really, really fun,” Kanan enthused. “Who knows? Maybe that would open up the door to see what has become of Deacon’s son, Little D. And also, it’s good to have ‘have nots’ on the canvas.”

Macy Deacon Little Eric Amber B&B

Actually, we could see that flipping around. Maybe Little D would open up the door to Amber! After all, Deacon’s son really isn’t so little anymore. He was born back in 1999, and even without being SORAS’d, he’s a young man now — and Deacon has had virtually nothing to do with his life. Sheila died after coming back to reconnect with her son, so it would be perfectly understandable for him to reach out and try to reconnect with his.

And that could bring both Little D and Amber back to town! We can’t imagine it would be an instant connection for father and son any more than it was for Finn and Sheila, but that doesn’t mean Deacon and Amber wouldn’t be drawn back together.

Tragedy and heartbreak make for great bonding, and if Amber’s there to comfort Deacon (even if she may not exactly get him mourning over Sheila), it wouldn’t take much for old feelings to reignite — especially if Deacon doesn’t want to go back to being alone!

Kimberlin Brown, Tracey Bregman "The Young and the Restless" Set CBS Television City 9/13/05 ©Aaron Montgomery/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 8242

And that’s great… unless Sheila’s not really dead. Because whatever her plan is right now, seeing Deacon moving on so fast with an ex — someone who he already has a closer tie to than Sheila, thanks to Little D — is sure to tick her off!

One thing you never want to do is make Sheila angry. Is it her own fault for faking her death? Sure. Like she’d care about that. No, all she’d care about is making sure that whenever she does decide to come back to life and reclaim her man, she won’t have any competition. And that means she’ll have to take Amber out!

Whether she succeeds or not is another matter. As Kanan said, Amber is a survivor. But her and Deacon growing close would be a surefire way to flush Sheila out and come roaring back to life at her absolute most unhinged worst.

Deacon thought she’d changed? Well, he’d learn once and for all, a leopard never changes their spots. Let’s just hope it wouldn’t be too late for Amber!

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