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Who Is “Sugar” On The Bold And The Beautiful?

Who Is “Sugar” On The Bold And The Beautiful?

The Bold and The Beautiful- Sugar-Sheila

So, this is no mystery anymore that Sheila Carter- the nine toed cat with nine lives is still alive on The Bold and The Beautiful. But then, who was it who died at Steffy’s hands, if not her monster-in-law? Well, well, pass me the sugar. Oh no wait! she already did! Yup, it was Sheila’s lookalike Sugar who breathed her last recently! And here is all you need to know about her!

The Bold and The Beautiful: Sugar, Sugar Baby!

Let’s begin from the beginning, shall we? It all started back in 2003, when Robin Mattson first debuted as Sugar on The Bold and The Beautiful. Initially, it was meant to be a very short arc. However, just like her name, Sugar left a sweet tase in everyone’s palate.

The Bold and The Beautiful - Sugar
Robin Mattson as Sugar

Sugar and Sheila joined forces to kidnap Ridge Forrester and hold him for a whopping 100 million ransom. Which they demanded his bio-dad Massimo Marone pay, unless he wanted his son to be a goner. Unfortunately, the plan bombed.

But even amid the failure of her epic plan, Sheila did gain something! The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers reveal that she manipulated naive sugar to believe that they were besties who would be even better as twins!

The Bold and The Beautiful- Sheila - Ridge
B&B/ Sheila’s plan to ransom Ridge fails

Yup, no kidding! Sheila talked Sugar into getting a plastic surgery and become her replica! And that’s how Kimberlin Brown slipped into Sugar’s role, sometime in 2005.

The Bold and The Beautiful: The Revenge of Sugar

It’s no surprise that there is only one person who loves Sheila more than Deacon, and that is Sheila herself. So yeah, Sugar wasn’t a big fan of her new look. Thus, enraged, she turned against her sister from another mister- no more, and wanted revenge. In a desperate act, she jumped ship to The Young and The Restless and stabbed Sheila’s son Scotty Grainger.

The Bold and The Beautiful - Scott
B&B/ Sugar targets Scott for revenge against Sheila

Yes yes, we are talking about the same Scotty that Sheila stole from Lauren Fenmore when he was just a newborn. Sigh.. why Sheila, why? Anyhoo, Sugar may have started looking like Sheila, but she was no Sheila! So, obviously, she got caught and was thrown in prison. But we have a feeling that sometime recently, she found her way out!

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers reveal that in the recent episodes Sheila told Deacon that she had been meeting up with someone from her past. Now, we are willing to bet that the certain someone was none other that Sugar!

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers-Deacon-Sheila-
B&B/ Sheila talks about meeting some one from her past

Perhaps Sheila was once again playing a long con, she could have very well bragged to Sugar about how wonderful her life has been while she had been rotting in prsion. Sheila could have even mentioned just how much she adores Steffy her darling Daughter-in-law. Knowing full well that trigger Sugar would go straight after Steffy, in hopes of cutting her from Sheila.

Maybe, this is why Sugar was tailing Steffy, when the latter gutted her believing her to be Sheila. That would explain how Deacon saw the 10th toe on the body, while his Sheila only had 9! Sigh our nine-toed feline she-devil truly is a mastermind!

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoiler-Sheila
B&B/ Did Steffy stab Sugar?

While we seem to have this story all figured out, we wonder who will crack the mystery open on B&B? Any ideas? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Soap Opera Daily for more The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers and updates!

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