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Bold and the Beautiful: Luna’s Pregnancy Busts Open Poppy’s Secret?

Bold and the Beautiful has Luna Nozawa and her mother Poppy Nozawa anxiously looking at a pregnancy test stick, which was bound to happen on the CBS soap.

So, does this mean B&B gets down to business with Luna sweating out the identity of her baby’s father… sure looks that way. But this could also put Poppy on the spot if her daughter rekindles the need to know her mother’s tightly kept secret of who her father is.


The soap can find several ways for this to happen, and several more ways for Luna to discover her father’s identity, now that DNA likely gets thrown into the mix. Once the stick lights up to say baby on board, she’ll need to establish either RJ Forrester or Zende Forrester as the father of her child.

Bold and the Beautiful: Luna Nozawa – Two Men, One Baby Storyline?

Luna Nozawa (Lisa Yamada) is about to take a ride on a popular soap plot that often comes with two men and one baby. This storyline dates back to the dawn of soap operas.

The same old equation – if you sleep with two men, this could become a problem. If a baby is the result, you don’t know who fathered your child. That’s if you are in the childbearing years.


Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest this CBS soap is about to concentrate on a younger generation. Next, a scene of Luna and Poppy Nozawa (Romy Park) surfaces, They look distressed as they peer at a pregnancy test stick. But they are in the design office at Forrester Creations.

Bold and the Beautiful: Luna Nozawa (Lisa Yamada) - Poppy Nozawa (Romy Park)

Considering the mother-daughter duo live under the same roof, what’s up with this? Why do this at Luna’s workplace instead of in the privacy of their home?

Are Bold and the Beautiful fans wrong when assuming this clip is about Luna’s pregnancy test? After all, Poppy holds the test wand in her hand during this clip. Plus, she enjoys an active bedroom life with Bill Spencer (Don Diamont).

B&B Spoilers: Luna Asks Poppy…

While it’s likely Poppy is the one waiting to see if she has a Spencer baby on board. Luna is a mess during the promo, which you can see in the video at the end of this article. So it’s not likely she’s worrying about a baby brother or sister.

No, the promo makes it pretty clear that waiting to see what that pregnancy test has to say kills Luna Nozawa with anxiety. So, it looks like the Forrester intern is a mother-to-be. And if this is the case, one thing is for sure.

There’s no doubt about that baby being a Forrester. But which Forrester will be the daddy? So, that’s another story and most likely the plot Bold and the Beautiful builds up to.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Who’s the Daddy for Baby and Luna?

RJ Forrester (Joshua Hoffman) already punched Zende Forrester (Delon de Metz) in the face over the night he spent with Luna. So, a baby on the way with the father unknown, well… tempers will rise even higher.

If Luna finds herself in the family way, you can bet that Bold and the Beautiful rekindles her need to find out who her father is. If there’s one thing that B&B likes to do is muddy the waters.

Bill Spencer already asked Poppy Nozawa if he could be Luna’s dad and got a denial. But it wasn’t convincing for some fans. Even Luna Nozawa thought Bill could be the man who fathered her decades ago.

B&B Spoilers: Bill Figures Out Poppy’s Secret

So, while Luna Nozawa waits to see whose baby she’s carrying, Bill Spencer may find himself with a new role, despite Poppy’s denial. Still, Poppy Nozawa might give a fight to Bill along the way. He has the resources to research Luna’s paternity. Despite any protests, Poppy Nozawa may offer, he’ll do what he wants. Or maybe he won’t even tell her.

He has the money and the pull to get some answers. He could get a hold of the DNA test Luna Nozawa likely undertakes to find out her baby’s daddy’s ID. So, a quick comparison to his DNA may prove Poppy Nozawa wrong.

At the same time, he could give the FC intern a guardian angel in the hospital lab. It wouldn’t be the first time Bold and the Beautiful fans surmised he tampered with DNA results to give one of his kids the outcome they prayed for.

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