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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: ‘Elani’ Share Cute Moments; Abe Gets Suspicious

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For July 5, 2023 tease that the viewers will see some cute moments and forgiving hearts. Abe will see Jerry aka fake Theo on TV and gets suspicious. Jerry and Theo will come across each other and this will raise tension in fans’ minds. There will also be sweet encounters along with awkward ones. Talia heads to find new job in this episode. Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to know what will happen with Eli and Lani in this episode.

Things Get Suspicious At Salem!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers reveal that nurse Whitley will show up at Paulina’s house unexpectedly. She explains that it is only to offer her condolences over Abe’s death. Of course, there is no possibility for Paulina to doubt Whitley yet. But Whitley might also slip her tongue by referring to Abe in present tense instead of the past tense. After all, she kept hold of him in her apartment. Do you think Paulina will smell a rat?

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Whitley arrives at Paulina’s house

Speaking of Abe, he will be watching Body & Soul on TV.  He will be shocked to see Theo aka Jerry Prentiss on the screen. Yes, Whitley should be ready with some answers! Abe would question her about Theo’s appearance on TV in July 5th episode. But considering Whitley’s clever mind, she will manage to slide something. Whitley will tell him that Theo won a contest and hence, got the chance to act. She might even come up with any cooked-up stories at the spot. We just have to wait and watch coming episodes of Days of Our Lives to know if Abe believes her.


Days of Our Lives Spoilers For July 5, 2023: Guilt Builds Up In Jerry; Romance Builds Up In ‘Elani’

The fun encounter is here! As per the latest Days of Our Lives Spoilers, Jerry will cross paths with the real Theo Carver on July 5. It gets awkward for Jerry after being pretentious Theo all this while. Also, seeing Theo’s grief, Jerry will feel guilty and get tempted to confess. But will take a back step considering the consequences. With this guilt, there are chances for Jerry to confess if he runs into real Theo once again.

DOOL/ Jerry runs into Theo

In other related news, Days of Our Lives fans will get to see some sweet moments between ‘Elani.’ Eli Grant and Lani will take a break from looking for evidence. During that break, they both will share cute moments together as anniversary celebration. Initially Lani wouldn’t like the idea of them celebrating without Abe. But gives in knowing that her dad would want the same thing. Of course, their long-distance relationship (when Lani was in prison) didn’t cool down the romance.

Chanel Has A Forgiving Heart!

According to other Days of Our Lives Spoilers, Talia would have to find other work after what she has done to Salem citizens. She might start community service. On July 5, on the positive side, Chanel will likely ask Talia to keep the apron when Talia tries to return it.

Of course, Talia has done some horrible things to Chanel and everyone else in town but luckily, Chanel will show concern and forgive Talia. She will also be glad that Talia doesn’t have to suffer in prison. 

Days of Our Lives

Talia tried her best to take down Chanel and Paulina. She drugged the sweets when working at the Sweet Bits Bakery. Half of the Salem fell sick, which kept Chanel’s business at stake. However, on July 5, Talia will face her reality as the drugged citizens will object to her working at the bakery. Keep watching Days of Our Lives on Peacock from Monday to Friday. Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more Days of Our Lives spoilers.

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