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Days of Our Lives Preview For The Week of July 17, 2023: Bonnie Exposes Sarah, Brady Pulls A Gun On Kristen

Days of Our Lives Preview For The Week of July 17-21, 2023, reveals that a new lease of teasing will begin at Chad-Stephanie and Alex’s apartment building when Alex shows up shirtless at their neighbor’s apartment. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Justin are going to have a hard time keeping the lid on Sarah’s secret! Kate will try to give Paulina hope in Abe and Lani’s absence. But will Abe and Lani get found safe? Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to find out!

Kate Reveals The Truth About Philip, Bonnie Shocks Maggie

Things are getting really hard for Paulina on Days of Our Lives. First, she lost Abe, now she can’t find Lani. Thankfully, she will have the entire town on her side for support. During the week of July 17-21, 2023, Kate will visit Paulina and try to give her hope in her dark times. Furthermore, she will tell her a big secret about her son, Philip. Kate will admit that he is still alive. Previously, he had tried to frame Brady for killing him. However, he was then put in a mental institute for treatment. Is it time for him to return home now?

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/Bonnie spills the bean

Meanwhile, at the Kiriakis Mansion, Maggie will overhear Bonnie and Justin discussing some things about Sarah. Intrigued, Maggie will confront the couple and demand the truth on Days of Our Lives. In the heat of the moment, Bonnie will end up blurting that “your daughter is keeping a big secret from you. Maggie will be shocked to hear that. However, Justin and Bonnie will then spin the narrative and tell a fake story to keep her pregnancy hidden. But how long will they really be able to hide Sarah’s truth? Stay tuned to find out!


Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Lani Confronts Whitley, Brady Takes Kristen On Gun Point

During the week of July 17-21, 2023, Lani’s investigation will land her right at Whitley’s apartment on Days of Our Lives. To her surprise, she will find Abe there. However, Whitley will demand to know who she is. In the preview video, Lani introduces herself as Whitley’s “worst nightmare.” There will most probably be a tussle between the two women. But unfortunately, Whitley will gain the upper hand and Lani will get trapped alongside Abe at the apartment.

DOOL/ Lani blasts Whitley

Over at the DiMera Mansion, Brady will storm in and explode at Kristen on Days of Our Lives. He will threaten her that she cannot just kidnap his kid. Moreover, even before Kristen gets a chance to defend herself, he will pull out a gun and push it in her face telling her that he will be the one calling the shots now! Brady and Kristen’s fight is really going to heat up in the upcoming episodes! Meanwhile, there is another couple starting to heat up, but for an entirely different reason! Sloan and Eric!

In the DOOL preview video, Sloan is holding a pregnancy home test while Eric sits beside her in anticipation, waiting for the result. Do you think Sloan is pregnant with Eric’s baby? Stay tuned to Days of Our Lives to find out next week! Meanwhile, you can watch the full preview video below! TV Season & Spoilers is your one-stop for all The DOOL Spoilers.


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