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Days of Our Lives Recap: Tuesday, July 18 – Stunning Matchmaker Results, Fake Wedding Surprise and Money Demand

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers recap for Tuesday, July 18, reveals that Gwen Rizczech (Emily O’Brien) wrapped up a video-chat meeting for The Spectator team and wondered why she hadn’t heard from Dimiti von Leuschner (Peter Porte).

Gwen called Dimitri and left a voicemail about their wedding plans as she looked forward to becoming his wife.

At the DiMera mansion on Tuesday’s Days episode, Dimitri ignored his phone as he hit the sheets with Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart) again. Leo felt guilty about going behind Gwen’s back with Dimitri and urged him to find another bride, but Dimitri insisted it was too late for that.


Once Dimitri reminded Leo of how important it was to keep his inheritance conditions a secret, he got dressed along with Leo and kissed him goodbye.

Meanwhile, Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) told Belle Brady (Martha Madison) about Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) threatening her life, but Belle was skeptical and thought Kristen deserved whatever Brady did anyway.

After Belle left, Dimitri joined Kristen and was surprised when she confronted him about who he just snuck out of the house: his girlfriend or his boyfriend.

Although Dimitri tried to play dumb, Kristen said that Rachel Black (Finley Rose Slater) saw him in bed with Leo and whispered in her ear about the sleepover.


Kristen assumed Leo had snooped and caught onto Dimitri’s secret, so Dimitri claimed he “took one for the team” to keep Leo quiet.

Dimitri hoped he could count on Kristen to keep this news quiet, so she assured him that she would since she wanted her share of the Von Leuschner fortune. With Megan DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) gone, Kristen insisted on taking her cut.

As Kristen backed Dimitri into a corner on Tuesday’s DOOL show, she asked if they had a deal.

Over drinks at the bar, EJ DiMera (Dan Feuerriegel) told Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash) how he tried to stop Megan from going after him.

Once EJ proposed going along with the truce Stefan and Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) previously suggested, he felt they had to present a united front.


Megan had left a fox in the henhouse since EJ didn’t trust Dimitri, so he convinced Stefan to be his ally against Megan’s son and shook on the deal.

After Stefan and EJ returned to the Dimitri mansion, they made it clear that they wanted Dimitri to pack his bags and get out of the house.

Kristen insisted Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) would want family unity and threatened to gather DiMera votes against her brothers if they didn’t let Dimitri stay. Stefan quickly caved and told EJ he was outnumbered, so EJ stormed out.

That left Dimitri grateful on Tuesday’s Days episode, so Kristen smirked and felt confident that he would find some way to pay her back.

When Leo met back up with Gwen, she called him out for avoiding her. Leo confessed to being with Dimitri earlier, who caught him snooping in his room.

After Leo lied about coming up empty-handed and having a physical fight with Dimitri, he suggested he saw another side of Gwen’s fiancé.

Leo said he gave the marriage his full blessing, so Gwen was pleased.

However, Gwen wondered why Leo had a visit with Dimitri last night AND one this morning.

Leo claimed it was because he was helping Gwen plan a surprise for the wedding, so Gwen assumed that was why Dimitri had gone radio silent on her.

At Li Shin’s (Remington Hoffman) place, he was shocked when Gabi showed up at the door and pulled a gun on him.

Li didn’t think Gabi would actually use it, but Gabi reminded him of what happened to Nick Fallon (Blake Berris) and ramped up her threats.

Gabi believed Li was in cahoots with Megan and refused to let him target Stefan again, but a terrified Li insisted he’d learned his lesson.

As Li stammered about moving on, he invited Gabi to check out the matchmaker profile he’d set up on his laptop.

Li argued that he had a date tonight and would stop pining for Gabi if she let him live, so she threatened him once more before taking off.

At the townhouse on Tuesday’s Days episode, Rachel stood her ground regarding the accusations she made against Brady.

Brady explained that he was upset since Kristen kidnapped Rachel, but Rachel insisted her mom didn’t kidnap her at all.

Once Rachel claimed Brady threatened to get rid of Kristen permanently, Brady acted like he said it in the heat of the moment. Brady also denied having a gun, but Rachel told Jada that she could find it in the drawer.

After Jada pulled it out and got Brady to unlock the box using the code, she suggested they should finish this conversation down at the station.

Once Brady got a sitter for Rachel, he answered Jada’s questions honestly at the Salem PD. Belle showed up and warned Brady not to say another word, but he was determined to cooperate.

Brady and Belle tried to convince Jada to let this go since Brady’s outburst happened because of Kristen’s sneaky move.

Unfortunately, it was out of Jada’s hands since DA Melinda Trask (Tina Huang) showed up and forced Detective Hunter to book Brady.

Jada was also instructed to take Kristen’s statement, so she surprised Kristen when she arrived at the DiMera mansion and revealed why she was there.

Belle got Brady out on bail quickly, but she wasn’t happy about him making her job harder by blabbing so much earlier.

Brady sought reassurance that he wouldn’t go to prison over this, but Belle pointed out that he heard Trask!

Unless Kristen dropped the charges, there was a very good chance Brady could do jail time. Rachel got updates as she eavesdropped and looked concerned.

Back at the bar, Li awaited his blind date since he’d been told she’d have long dark hair and a blue dress.

Melinda walked in wearing a blue dress and seemed like she was looking for someone, so Li’s face fell as he realized the DA was indeed his date for the evening.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Li and Melinda have a surprising night ahead of them, so stay tuned to DOOL.

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