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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Kassie DePaiva Returns As Bad Girl Eve Donovan

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Kassie DePaiva is returning to Days as bad girl Eve Donovan. The last time Eve was in town, she blew up half a church, kidnapped the groom, and brainwashed him to kill his wife. What evil deeds does Eve have up her sleeve this time and who is she working with?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Harris Michaels Runs Into An Old Flame

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Harris Michaels (Steve Burton) will get a blast from the past at Bayview when he runs into Eve.

Of course, long-time fans know that Michaels learned about Eve’s job as a prostitute years ago and tried to win a bet that he could sleep with her. However, Harris’ plans fell through when he developed feelings for Eve.


Kassie DePaiva

After learning about the bet, Eve tried to commit suicide. However, she survived. Harris had fallen in love with Eve by this time. Harris tried to apologize and make amends with Eve, however, she was hurt by Harris’ actions and refused to forgive him.

Harris later joined the military and never saw Eve again. Now that is about to change. How will Harris react when he sees his former flame?

DOOL Spoilers – A Day In The Life At Bayview

Although Eve is back for what seems like one episode, a great deal could come from this scene for not only Eve but Harris as well. Eve may not be very happy to run into Harris even after all these years.


Harris was very mean to her at the time, which is why Eve wanted no part of his apology. Years have now passed and Eve and Harris have a heart-to-heart.

Eve will open up to Harris about her daughter’s murder and how that truly drove her insane. Of course, Eve will share how being a Bayview has helped her to change for the better and offer Harris hope that he can do the same.

Eve may give Harris hope for the future since he is convinced that he cannot change because of everything Dr. Rolf (Richard Wharton) has done to his brain.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – What Is Kassie DePaiva Doing Now

Kassie and her husband, James DePaiva (ex-Max Holden, One Life To Live) have sold their apartment in New York and moved to the Catskills.

Kassie says she spends her winters skiing and her summers gardening. Kassie has been painting as well. Kassie has a booth that she works at occasionally to showcase her work.


However, Kassie admits that she would rather be working in soap operas if she had the choice. Kassie admits that she is always up for a return to Days as Eve.

Of course, a run as Blair Cramer on Gh again would be right up her alley as well, even if Todd Manning (Roger Howarth) isn’t playing Todd anymore. Hopefully, Kassie will get another call to show up again soon.

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