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Days of Our Lives’ Peter Porte Leaving? Hallmark Movie Notes of Autumn

Days of Our Lives’ Peter Porte Is Ditching Gwen for ‘Leo’ — and We Have Hallmark to Thank?!?

We know Days of Our Lives’ Gwen doesn’t want to hear this, but the writing is on the wall that she’s going to lose Dimitri to Leo — probably sooner, rather than later! Heck, she almost seems to be going out of her way to intentionally stay clueless with the amount of times she’s caught those two together, only to buy into whatever half-baked excuse they offer up in the moment.

But at this point, we guess there’s no stopping this train and all we can do is let it run until it goes completely off the rails.

Luckily, Peter Porte is going to have the chance to play an entirely different kind of Leo love story! The actor, who’s no stranger to Hallmark movies, will be headlining their latest fall fare in Notes of Autumn with Ashley Williams, Marcus Rosner and Luke Macfarlane. Williams and Macfarlane play two friends living in very different parts of the world who decide to swap places as autumn settles in to get a little change of scenery.


Lives are changed when two best friends switch homes, and cities, in "Notes of Autumn," premiering Saturday, September 16 on Hallmark Channel. Photo: Peter Porte, Luke Macfarlane, Ashley Williams, Marcus Rosner Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Allister Foster

Williams’ Ellie moves to the country on the outskirts of British Columbia and meets neighbor Sam (played by Rosner), while Macfarlane’s — wait for it — Leo moves to the city and meets Ellie’s friend, Matt, played by Porte.

Friendships soon blossom between the pairs and, it sounds like, something more. “This is,” as executive producer Debbie Gibson puts it, “a special story that celebrates how love can blossom in the most unexpected ways.”  So get ready, because it looks like Porte’s going to be falling for a Leo once again!

So get your pumpkin spiced coffees ready and grab a cozy blanket because Notes of Autumn debuts on Saturday, September 15 at 8 PM! Let’s just hope that this Leo comes with a bit less drama than Days of Our Lives‘!


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