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Days of Our Lives: Peter Porte Takes His Love For Leo To Hallmark

When Peter Porte entered Days of Our Lives as Dimitri, we knew at lease one female key character is going to be smitten by the handsome devil. And the makers didn’t make us wait too long before pushing Gwen and Dimitri into each other’s orbits! But one thing that we did not see coming was a clandestine affair between him and LEO STARK! We have to give it to DOOL for actually giving us a shocker! Leo and Dimitri’s chemistry has been so lit that it didn’t take us too long to buy it. However, it seems like Gwennie dear is in no mood of accepting it.

Even after catching them red-handed so many times, she has been ignoring the obvious. Alas! The spoilers tease that in the coming episodes, the truth will get too loud for her to not accept. In fact, it seems that Peter has taken a keen liking for a Leo love story! So much so that he is taking it a step further by doing a completely different version of Leo Love on Hallmark! Confused? Don’t be! Here’s all you need to know about Peter Porte’s latest adventure!

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Gwen with Leo and Dimitri

Hallmark movies are no strangers to having Soap Stars headline them! Like Cameron Mathison and Ryan Peavey of General Hospital, Peter Porte too has ties with the channel. And the handsome actor is all set to shine bright on yet another rom-com for the channel. He will be starring in a movie titled Notes of Autumn with Ashley Williams, Marcus Rosner, and Luke Macfarlane. In the fall flick, Ashley and Luke play two friends living lives as different as chalk and cheese. As Autumn settles, the two decide to swap places to bring some freshness to their lives.

DOOL/ Peter Porte with his Notes of Autumn co-stars

Now here’s the interesting part! Luke Macfarlane plays the character LEO, who moves into his friend’s house and meets her friend, Matt, played by Peter Porte! And of course, Matt falls in love with Leo! The project’s executive producer states that it “a special story that celebrates how love can blossom in the most unexpected ways.” And honestly, we are totally looking forward to it! The fates of couples is always unpredictable on Days of Our Lives. But it seems Peter’s character will have a higher chance of finding a happily ever after with his Leo in the movie! So will you be tuning in? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more Days of Our Lives updates.

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