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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Recap: Wednesday, August 23 – Susan Haunts Ava – Dimitri’s $20 Million Check Snag – Gabi Follows Elliot

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers recap for Wednesday, August 23, reveals that Elliot Roth (Darren Richardson) introduced himself to Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) after stopping by the DiMera mansion.

This barrister represented the Von Leuschner trust and was prepared to deliver the first installment of Dimitri von Leuschner’s (Peter Porte) inheritance.

Kristen mentioned that Dimitri was on his honeymoon, but she claimed she was quite close to her nephew and tried to take the $20 million check off Elliot’s hands.


However, Elliot insisted there was a strict protocol and needed to see for himself that Dimitri’s marriage was the real deal.

Kristen assured Elliot that Dimitri and Gwen von Leuschner (Emily O’Brien) were madly in love, but Elliot still had to make his own assessment.

In Iceland on Wednesday’s Days episode, Dimitri told Gwen that maybe they should invite Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart) to the lava fields with them and make him feel included. Gwen marveled over how sweet Dimitri was before Leo knocked on the door.

Leo told Gwen that he felt just awful and was visibly upset, so she invited “Matty” in and pushed him to tell her what was wrong.


Dimitri looked rather panicked, but Leo insisted this was about the demise of “Uncle Victor” since he had a very unique “bond” with Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston).

Leo was also upset after watching West Side Story, so Gwen promised to get him some ice cream downstairs to help him feel better.

While Gwen was gone, Dimitri pounced on Leo and couldn’t keep his hands off him. Before Dimitri could squeeze in a quick hookup with Leo, he was interrupted by some shocking news.

Dimitri answered a phone call and got updates from Kristen about the Elliot situation, so he knew he needed to get back to Salem ASAP.

Gwen returned and learned they were going home, so she was bewildered as Dimitri suggested he’d explain everything on the plane.


Back at the DiMera mansion on Wednesday’s Days episode, Gabi DiMera (Camila Banus) filled Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash) in on what she’d learned from Rachel Black (Finley Rose Slater).

There was some secret involving money and Dimitri, so Stefan and Gabi speculated about what kind of game Kristen was playing and how Dimitri fit in.

Downstairs later, Gabi and Stefan were eager to meet the man Kristen was talking to. Kristen lied that it was the new headmaster of Rachel’s school and hustled Elliot outside.

That led to Kristen explaining that she didn’t want Gabi to know about Dimitri’s enormous new fortune since she could make trouble. Elliot guessed that made sense and said he’d be staying at the Salem Inn, so Kristen planned to send Dimitri there one he came home.

Gabi eavesdropped and eventually followed Elliot to his hotel suite, where she stood outside and vowed to find out why he was really in Salem. Stefan also messed with Kristen a bit by being cryptic about the errand Gabi had to run.

At Tripp Johnson (Lucas Adams) and Wendy Shin’s (Victoria Grace) apartment, they joked about the all-night lovemaking that’d been going on between Li Shin (Remington Hoffman) and Melinda Trask (Tina Huang) in a nearby room.

Talk eventually turned to Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun) since Tripp felt like his mom had made such great progress at Bayview. However, things were still up in the air on whether Ava would be prosecuted for causing Susan Banks’ (Stacy Haiduk) grim fate.

Tripp contemplated asking Melinda since she was right there in the apartment, but that ultimately had to wait since he could hear her kicking off another round of passion with Li.

Wendy suggested they should make some noise of their own and kissed Tripp, but he pulled back before they got carried away. Tripp and Wendy ultimately agreed that they’d make a new plan for when and where they’d sleep together for the first time.

At Bayview on Wednesday’s Days episode, Ava greeted Harris Michaels (Steve Burton) and talked about how much better she was doing.

Of course, Ava still felt she’d have to face the consequences of what she’d done since her actions took an innocent woman’s life. Harris related to Ava’s guilt and tried his best to convince her there was a path to freedom for her.

Despite Ava’s hopeful outlook about her mental state, she still wound up having a Susan hallucination as Wednesday’s DOOL show wrapped up. It left Ava crying out in despair as she remained tormented over the past.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Harris will come to Ava’s rescue and try to help her cope along with Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) soon, so stay tuned. CDL’s where you want to be for sizzling Days of Our Lives spoilers, updates and news, so stop by regularly for more DOOL info.

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