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Days of Our Lives: Vivian Moves Into DiMera Mansion, A New Disaster Unfolds

TV Season & Spoilers recently reported the exciting news of the legendary Louise Sorel return to Days of Our Lives as the iconic Vivian Alamain. Thankfully, viewers will not have to wait too long to see this pot stirrer enter the mix of existing troublemakers. The latest spoilers reveal that Stefan and Gabi will be in for a huge shock when Viv walks into the DiMera Mansion in the September 8, 2023, episode. But what new storms will Victor’s ex-wife will bring with her this time? Plunge into the article to find out the scoop!

Vivian Alamain in Finally Free to Go Wild

It has been quite some time since the Days of Our Lives viewers have been treated with some entertaining Vivian antics. But that changes soon! The enthralling troublemaker will soon manage to score her freedom from the prison and make her way back to Salem. Considering that she was once married to the recently deceased Victor Kiriakis, we can expect her to kick up a scene as she mourns his loss. However, also expect her to get over that soon enough to move into the home of her other deceased ex-husband. Stefano DiMera!

DOOL/ Will Vivian cause a stir in Stefan-Gabi’s happy marriage?

The latest Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Vivian will surprise her son, Stefan, by moving into the DiMera Mansion to be closer to him. However, this surprise might come off more as a shock to the other current residents of the sprawling estate. Gabi might feel the sting of her mother-in-law’s return to the fold quite a bit. Especially since Vivian might cheekily remind her of how she stood in the way of her attempts to communicate with her son. Moreover, she may use the same ammunition to guilt trip Stefan into standing in her corner! Meanwhile, the newest DiMera, Dimitri, will have his first encounter with Viv! We wonder how that would be!


A Slew Of Disasters Takes Over DiMera Mansion On Days of Our Lives

The Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Kristen will also be stunned to see Vivian making herself home at the DiMera Mansion. The two women will have a confrontation where Vivian might give Kristen a sneak peek into her REAL agenda! We wonder what that might be, though! Knowing how Vivian operates, it can’t be anything for anybody’s greater good. Except for her own, of course! However, there is a chance that Vivian might align with Stefan in his current agendas. After all, he surely would like to pocket all the help that he can get right now!

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Will Vivian create trouble for Dimitri and Kristen?

Stefan and Gabi are trying to uncover the giant pile of secrets Kristen and Dimitri are currently trying to keep hidden on Days of Our Lives. So, Stefan might enlist his mother’s help in exposing his sister and nephew. Alternatively, there is also a sneaky chance that Viv may want some quick revenge on Stefan and Gabi for leaving her lonely at the prison. Thus, she might align with Kristen and Dimitri and help them keep their secret for a piece of his inheritance. Either way, there is going to be a lot of chaos in the DiMera Mansion. And you do not want to miss any of it! So stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more Days of Our Lives updates on Vivian’s plans!


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