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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: EJ Becomes A Threat To Ava

In the episode of Days of Our Lives airing on September 5, 2023, things get pretty intense. EJ is determined to get rid of Ava, but there are problems along the way. Xander and Theresa have a big argument, with Eric stepping in to help. Chloe and Nicole also clash over their romantic choices. Sarah is torn between her love for Xander and her unborn baby’s safety. Meanwhile, Sloan grapples with guilt and nearly spills her secrets. It’s a day filled with drama, conflicts, and hidden truths. Don’t miss out on all the excitement in this episode of “Days of Our Lives”!

Days of Our Lives: EJ’s Plan to Eliminate Ava Unfolds

In Tuesday’s episode of Days of Our Lives on September 5, 2023, EJ DiMera will put his plan into motion to get rid of Ava Vitali. He didn’t get help from Xander Cook, who refused to do the job. So, EJ contacted someone else and provided them with instructions. EJ will express his confidence in the plan but will be eagerly waiting for news about Ava’s fate. However, there will be some unexpected obstacles that will hinder the execution of his orders.

DOOL/ EJ wants revenge

Tense Confrontation: Xander and Theresa

Meanwhile, Xander and Theresa Donovan will have a heated confrontation when Xander finds her sitting on a bench outside the pub. Their history is fraught with tension, and this encounter will bring their past grievances to the forefront. Things will escalate as Xander resorts to manhandling Theresa. Fortunately, Eric Brady will step in to protect Theresa and will demand that Xander leaves.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Xander becomes violent

Chloe and Nicole’s Showdown

Chloe Lane and Nicole Walker will also engage in a fiery confrontation of their own. Nicole is clearly disappointed with Chloe’s decision to accept Xander’s proposal, but Chloe believes Nicole is a hypocrite since she recently accepted EJ’s proposal. Chloe will argue that EJ has committed many terrible acts over the years, just like Xander.

DOOL/ Nicole and Chloe get in a fight

Days of Our Lives: Conflicts and Guilts

On Tuesday’s episode, Sarah Horton will grapple with conflicting emotions. She wants to protect her unborn child, but she also loves Xander and remembers the kinder side of him. As her due date approaches, her torn heart will become an even bigger problem.

Sloan Petersen will also be burdened with guilt and secrets. She recently lost Eric’s baby and has been manipulating the situation so that Eric remains unaware of his impending fatherhood with Nicole. While Sloan contemplates confessing her actions to Eric, she ultimately decides against it. Her guilt continues to grow.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Sloan feels guilty

As Days of Our Lives progresses, tensions rise, conflicts intensify, and secrets threaten to unravel. Be sure to tune in to find out how these gripping storylines unfold in the upcoming episodes. Also, keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest DOOL spoilers like such.


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