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Days of Our Lives: Will Belle Forgive Shawn For Cheating?

Belle Slaps Shawn For Cheating on Her With Talia, While Ava Fears For Her Life When Edmund Learns Who She Is

Today on Days of Our Lives, Belle walks out on Shawn, Marlena confronts Talia, Susan fills Ava and Harris in, and Rafe and Tripp pay Edmund a visit.

In her office, Marlena confronts Talia for sleeping with her son-in-law. Tears stream as Talia admits it. Promising it’ll never happen again, Talia pleads with Marlena not to tell Belle. As much as Marlena would like to tell her, she is bound by doctor-patient confidentiality. After they agree Talia should see a new therapist, Talia apologizes for letting Marlena down. She leaves weeping.

At the station, Jada assures Shawn she won’t tell anyone he slept with her sister. “You just did,” Belle says from the open doorway. Jada is so sorry she found out this way. Belle is glad it happened because she’s pretty sure Shawn wasn’t going to tell her.


Jada earnestly talks to Belle, who glares at Shawn.

After Rafe leaves Jada a voicemail from London, Tripp enters Ava and Harris’ hotel room. He was worried about his mom and wanted to help. Frustrated, Rafe shares that he doesn’t know where Ava and Harris are. However, he has the equivalent of an APB out on them. As the men argue about Tripp withholding information and Rafe’s intentions, the latter gets a call with a potential lead. Rafe orders Tripp to go home, but Tripp convinces him that he can help.

Harris wakes up in Edmund’s storage room. A groggy Ava comes to and learns Edmund poisoned their tea. They discover their ankles are chained to the wall. Harris notices a third chain, as Susan wanders through a door. “What do you know? You found me.” Relieved that she hasn’t been hallucinating, Ava explains to Susan that she wasn’t in her right mind when she drove them off the cliff. A dismissive Susan snarks that it took them long enough to find her. She sent Ava messages because everyone else would think she was sending them from the great beyond. She also assumed Ava would be highly motivated to find her to clear her name. Harris hopes EJ will call off the hit on Ava now. Susan is touched her son did that for her. But upon Ava’s glare, promises to slap that boy once she sees him.

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When Edmund enters with food and water, Harris demands answers. Edmund explains that after the car crash, he got a call that Susan was alive. Two men brought her there half dead. He doesn’t know who they were, but they told her Susan was in danger. Susan adds that when she woke up, she asked for her husband Roger, which set Edmund off. She told Edmund she only loved Roger, so he chained her up. When Edmund learns Ava is the woman who drove Susan off the cliff, he decides his plans for her need to be more sinister. He storms out of the room.

After Jada leaves, Shawn apologizes to Belle. She slaps him. Shawn knows he deserves that and starts to feel sorry for himself. Belle refuses to hear it. He throws her past indiscretions in her face, but Belle points out that they weren’t technically together two of those times. Regardless, she thought this was the one thing he would never do to her.

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Belle shoots daggers at Shawn.

At the British café, Rafe tells Tripp the server identified Ava and Harris from their passport photos. They were there yesterday and used his phone to look up Edmund Crumb. Rafe has his address.


Jada finds a rattled Talia at the hospital. She warns her sister that Belle knows she slept with Shawn. Talia can’t believe Jada would confront Shawn about it. She defends Shawn, who she insists didn’t take advantage of her vulnerability. She hopes Jada doesn’t look at her differently. Jada doesn’t judge her. Talia thanks her for always being there.

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An emotional Talia sits in Marlena's office.

At the station, Shawn insists he loves Belle and that Talia was a mistake. He was drunk and reeling from a fight with Belle. He urges her not to blame Talia for it. Belle doesn’t. She only blames Shawn. She assumes this was his way of getting back at her for her past indiscretions. He denies it at first, but then admits her past justified what happened. But if he could forgive her, then she should forgive him. Refusing to do so, Belle declares there’s nothing he can do to fix things. She storms out.

At the hospital, Belle encounters Talia, who apologizes. Belle tells her to go to hell and continues to Marlena’s office. She tells her mother Shawn cheated on her. Marlena holds her as she sobs.

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At the station, Jada approaches Shawn and apologizes. He doesn’t blame her, but also doesn’t want to talk about it. She updates him on Dimitri being in recovery and Rafe’s lead on Ava and Harris.

In London, Ava worries what Edmund has planned for her. Susan reveals he killed her sister Penelope when he thought he was protecting Susan from Kristen. She thinks he’s capable of killing again. Harris promises a panicked Ava that he will have to kill him before he gets to her.

In the living room, Edmund stashes his gun in his robe pocket as Rafe and Tripp come to the door. Rafe flashes his badge, revealing he’s from Salem. He shows Edmund Ava’s and Tripp’s photos and asks to have a look around. Edmund pulls his gun on them.

Edmund aims a handgun at Tripp and Rafe.

Next on Days of Our Lives: things with Xander and Chloe are unpredictable, and EJ issues an order.

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