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DAYS Spoilers: Steve Lights A Fire Under Chad

DAYS Spoilers: Steve Lights A Fire Under Chad
Is Steve Johnson about to overstep?

Days of our Lives spoilers for Thursday, October 26, 2023, hint something Steve says hits Chad in a rough way. Tune in and find out what all the fuss is about.

Days of our Lives Spoilers Highlights
It’s Horton Town Scare night in Salem, and while things are fun for the kids, it’s not so great for Chad (Billy Flynn). Sure, dressing up and taking his kids out is great and all, but instead of tricks and treats, Chad finds himself getting some unsolicited advice from Stephanie’s father. Does this mean Steve is going to ask the age-old question, “What are your intentions with my daughter?”


Playing house with Stephanie is great and all, but it’s becoming increasingly clear she wants more. Oh, yes, she promised Chad she was in no rush to the altar, but doesn’t she at least deserve to have him thinking about it? She is helping him raise the kids, after all. Maybe it’s time Chad start taking a serious look at his future.

DOOL Spoilers: A Questionable Battle
Speaking of raising kids, Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) worries about what will happen with her own child. She and Xander (Paul Telfer) are gearing up for a gnarly custody case, and she’s worried, to say the least. Sarah complains to Konstantin (John Kapelos) about the whole ordeal. Is she barking up the wrong tree?

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Meanwhile, Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) tears into Xander like never before. How dare he even threaten to take the baby away from Sarah after all he’s done?! Maggie will not have it and tells him exactly what she thinks of his plans. Will Maggie’s fury stop Xander in his tracks?


Will Brady regret teaming up with Stabi?
Yes, of course
Not when he gets her back
Maybe, especially if Rachel is furious
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Days of our Lives Spoilers: It’s All Fun And Games…Until…
Keep an eye on a shocking moment between Theresa (Emily O’Brien) and Alex (Robert Scott Wilson). She’ll find him covered in blood and nearly lose it from the shock. This is Halloween season, though, and not everything is as it first appears. Is this all part of the holiday fun?

In case you missed it, mornings on Soap Hub are for commentary or wild speculation about Days of our Lives’s current stories — where they’re going, how they’re doing, and sometimes just what we’re hoping we will see in the near future in Salem. We’re particularly fond of this one, so please click here to read it.

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