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Days of Our Lives Exclusive: Abigail Klein Defends Stephanie as Everett Drives Her and Chad Apart, ‘She’s Trying’

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Chad is playing a dangerous game on Days of Our Lives. He just spent a small fortune and twisted Xander’s arm all in the name of ousting Everett from his job at The Spectator and his foothold in Salem. And to make matters worse, he just went running to Stephanie to let her know that he was too hard on poor Everett.

When the truth comes out about just how underhanded he’s gone in getting rid of Stephanie’s ex (and mark our words, it will come out, especially partnering with someone as volatile as Xander), there doesn’t seem to be much hope left for their relationship. Couple that with the fact that Steph just learned that Everett was about to propose to her when he fell into his supposed coma, and we’ve got a feeling that their reunion may come hot on the heels of her imminent breakup!


Standing in Xander's doorway, Chad regards Victoria in her stroller. Xander and Sarah look on proudly.

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While Everett was more than a bit out of line with her “You sure do get around comment” (she’s had one serious relationship and one… whatever Alex was since he disappeared into his coma!), she did seem a bit eager to move in with Chad. And that’s become especially noticeable seeing as how much he’s dragged his feet in pretty much every other aspect to moving on with a serious relationship after losing Abigail.

But as Abigail Klein pointed out when she spoke to Stephanie is “an adult woman who was living away in Seattle.” Then she moved back to Salem, in her 30s, living with her parents again. “And so, I think for her, she’s got that pressure of, I need to be in a different stage of life right now. She definitely wants to be independent and have her autonomy at the same time.”

Moving in with someone she loved and living as an adult, rather than Kayla and Steve’s kid takes her in that direction. As does her insistence that she’s a grown woman, so why shouldn’t she be able to work with her ex, no matter what Chad thinks of it? It’s about independence and autonomy. But that doesn’t mean she’s always making the best choices.

Stephanie flashes a flirtatious smirk while standing in Chad's arms.

“What I’m noticing,” Klein shared, “and what I’m embracing because it seems to be sort of like real life, is how Stephanie can shift into a more evolved way of thinking. I think she can be very introspective and she’s always trying to evolve, but I think it’s interesting to watch her, maybe regress a little bit. I like that she’s an example of growth that’s not linear.”


She’s moving forward, but not in a straight line. Stephanie’s gone from independence, to living with her parents. From mistrusting guys, to falling for a womanizer like Alex. From moving on with Chad (maybe faster than he’s comfortable with), to also allowing those who hurt her like Alex and Everett to stay around in her life. Life isn’t full of steady growth. Sometimes we have to bounce around a bit as we figure ourselves  out. And sometimes, what seems like moving back, could actually be moving forward.

At least, we have a feeling that’s what Everett is hoping, no matter how much he insists he’s moved on.

Everett makes an emphatic point to Chad and Stephanie.

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“I think when it comes to, especially relationships for Stephanie,” Klein mused, “it’s interesting to watch that she’s trying, but she might revert back [to old] programming before she can go to the next level. But I appreciate that about her because I genuinely think that’s normal.”

Still, for those looking for something to give here, don’t worry, Stephanie’s portrayer is too!

“I’m waiting for more of a shift,” she admitted, “but we’ll see.”

Well, Chad just pushed Xander to fire Everett, which will also cost Steph her PR work for The Spectator, so whether it’s a good shift or a bad one, there certainly seems to be some pretty drastic moving heading her way!

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