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Days of Our Lives Spoilers For May 2, 2023: Talia Feels Guilty, Brady Confronts Chloe

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For May 2, 2023, reveal that doubts will start to cloud Talia’s mind. Is Colin taking Talia for a ride? Meanwhile, Jada will struggle to make sense of her sister’s story. Elsewhere in Salem, Alex will tell Gwen his final decision about them. Will she accept it? Keep reading TV Season & Spoilers to find out the answers! Also, watch out for Brady’s reaction over Chloe and Xander’s latest living arrangements!

Talia Feels Conflicted, Jada Tries To Reason

We know that the person responsible for drugging the biscuits at Sweet Bits was Talia. However, she has been trying to deflect blame from her on Days of Our Lives. The spoilers for May 2, 2023, tease that until now, Talia was acting on Colin’s plan. But she is beginning to doubt the whole scheme. The more time she spends with Chanel, the more she realizes that she is a good person. Will Talia back out from Colin’s plans of destroying Chanel and Paulina?

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Will Talia (Aketra Sevillian) back off from Colin’s plan?

Meanwhile, Talia’s sister, Jada, has found many holes in Talia’s story during the investigation. Days of Our Lives Spoilers For May 2, 2023, reveal that the pile of lies will only continue to grow. Moreover, Talia’s sheepish behavior will only double the doubts in Jada’s mind. Will Talia have to face dire consequences over her acts? The spoilers hint that Chanel will receive some bad news regarding her bakery. Could it get shut down for food codes violation? If that happens, it will only make Talia feel more guilty about tainting the biscuits.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Alex Makes A Huge Decision, Brady Reacts To Chloe’s Latest Move

Alex and Gwen had been setting sheets on fire with their no-strings-attached fling for quite some time on Days of Our Lives. However, off-late, he has been realizing that his career needs his attention. In the May 2, 2023, episode, he will finally tell Gwen that their fling is over, effective immediately. But it’s doubtful that Gwen will take the news very well. Even though she might not be all that emotionally invested, she still won’t like being the one getting dumped. So, stay tuned to the upcoming episode to see how she reacts.

DOOL/ Are Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) and Gwen (Emily O’Brien) over for good?

Talking about reactions, Brady Black is going to have a rough one when he learns about Chloe and Xander. Days of Our Lives Spoilers For May 2, 2023, reveal that Brady will confront Chloe about moving in with Xander. Obviously, Brady is still holding on to the hope that he and Chloe can find a way to reconcile. However, Chloe will make it clear that they don’t have a future since Rachel detests her. Moreover, she will go on to bond with Xander right in front of Brady. So that is certainly going to jilt him further. Do you think Brady will find a way to reel Chloe back in? Catch up on the latest episodes of Days of Our Lives to find out!


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