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Days Of Our Lives: Peter Reckell Is NOT DONE! Returning Soon?

Fans of the long-running soap opera Days of Our Lives have been on an emotional rollercoaster with the recent return of Peter Reckell, who plays a fan-favorite character, Bo Brady. Although his comeback was highly celebrated, it wasn’t the storybook ending that viewers were hoping for. In the show, Bo’s character ends up in a coma. This left fans wondering if this was the end of the beloved couple’s storyline. In a recent interview, Reckell opened up about the challenges of his return to the show, the unexpected twist in his character’s journey, and the uncertain future of Bo and Hope. Let’s dive in and explore what he had to say.

Reckell Opens Up About Challenges Of Bo’s Return

The Days of Our Lives star Peter Reckell recently returned to the show after a long hiatus. After undergoing surgery following a gunshot from his own son, Shawn, Bo lapsed into a coma. This wasn’t the happy ending Bo and Hope’s fans were expecting, especially after the lackluster reunion the characters had in the spinoff Beyond Salem last summer.

Days Of Our Lives
DOOL/ Hope and Bo

In a candid video chat with Michael Fairman, Reckell, spilled the tea about the outpouring of emotions from fans. “People are having huge feelings,” he admitted adding that this is rather good news as it shows how passionate audiences are about what they want to see. Reckell also confessed that his character’s short return to Days of Our Lives, alongside co-star Kristian Alfonso, may have been somewhat limiting for the show’s decision-makers. Reckell explained that their intermittent appearances made it challenging for the showrunners to do justice to the fan-favorite couple’s storylines.

Will Bo & Hope Reunite On Days Of Our Lives?

Reckell’s comeback to Days of Our Lives gave him a chance to show his versatility by playing the bad guy. He had always wanted to explore this side of his character, and he finally got his chance. According to Reckell, his alter ego’s memory loss and changed personality created a path for Bo’s evil twin to emerge. And the moment when Bo’s memories returned was nothing short of a pinnacle moment for the character.

Just as Bo Brady’s memories returned, he was shot and is now lying in a Greek hospital in a coma. Now fans are hoping for a fulfilling reunion between Bo and Hope, as Reckell expressed his hope that viewers’ wishes will come true in the near future. Leaving Bo incapacitated would not make sense. So, Reckell noted and teased that the show has something else in store for the character.

Days Of Our Lives
DOOL/ Hope and Bo

Reckell is keeping his fingers crossed for a Bo and Hope reunion. But the timeline is uncertain due to ongoing industry strikes and production derails. In a recent chat, Reckell revealed that the show’s executive producer has a plan to bring his character back. However, when remains a mystery! For Reckell, leaving Bo’s storyline hanging in limbo would be a disservice to the fans who have followed the iconic couple’s journey over the years. As he awaits news of Bo’s fate, Reckell remains hopeful that he’ll get the chance to reprise his role. Plus, deliver the happy ending that the fans have been eagerly awaiting. So stay tuned to Days Of Our Lives to see how Bo and Hope’s story unfolds!


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