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Will It Be Love the One You’re With for DAYS’ Stefan and Ava?

Will It Be Love the One You’re With for DAYS’ Stefan and Ava?

Will their proximity live to a DAYS romance?

days of our lives stefan kissing ava.
Will this fake romance turn real?

Stefan and Ava only originally pretended to be having an affair on Days of our Lives in order to hide the fact that they were being forced to run drugs together. But that means spending a lot of time together. Now they’re drinking wine and asking each other deep, probing questions, and oops — having sex. How long until this lie becomes the truth…and the act becomes a real love affair?

Forget About It

It’s friendship, nothing more. Ava (Tamara Braun) only broke up with Harris (Steve Burton) to protect him and now they’re seemingly together on the down low. And Stefan (Brandon Barash) can’t stop thinking about Gabi. Sure, they’re hanging out together, but they’re doing it while talking about the people they’d rather be with. Which means any love connection is off the table.


And I Am Inevitable

One bottle of wine, and Stefan’s shirt was off, followed by his pants (refresh your memory here). And you know what that means in soapland! These two had sex. Maybe just once (okay twice), maybe never again, or maybe it will keep happening, and they’ll be regretting it for the rest of their lives…again. She misses Harris, he misses Gabi, and they’re both attractive. There is no other way for this scenario to play out.

It’s Just Sex

When clothes come off, sex follows. But sex isn’t love. We can see Stefan and Ava falling into the friends-with-benefits lifestyle. He may be married, but she isn’t. (Not that morality is one of Ava’s top concerns. Or that she’s even aware of what the word means.) We can see Stefan justifying that he loves Gabi. But he’s a manly man with needs.

Ava is there to soothe those needs. That’s not love. People get hungry and they eat. But it’s not like they’re devoted to broccoli. Ava will be Stefan’s broccoli. Not that she’s good for him. And not that this relationship will be good for anyone. But it will continue to happen. And then it will end. Oh, and Ava is a psycho. So, keep that in mind, Stef.


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