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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: It’s Payback Time! Sloan And Melinda PAY For Their Crimes

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Sloan - Melinda

Sloan and Melinda really stooped to the lowest low when they stole Nicole’s baby boy, recall Days of Our Lives spoilers. But just as no good deed goes unrewarded, no bad deed goes unpunished. So could it be time for Sloan and Melinda to finally face the music? Let’s find out!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: An Expose On The Way

Previously, on DOOL Sloan Petersen showed some remorse and fear over the sinister crime she pulled on Nicole. However, she is now turning towards being irate instead of staying fearful. And that too, has a lot to do with baby Jude!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Sloan - Melinda -baby Jude
DOOL/ Sloan and Melinda steal baby Jude

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Sloan is really miffed over the fact that Eric is spending all his time fawning over the baby. Consequently, Sloan feels ignored and marginalized. Moreover, for quite some time now, their bed has been colder than her heart! And she can’t stand it.


Since, Sloan is showing her snarky jealous side all over again, we can’t help but wonder if her time to be exposed is upon us. Days of Our Lives spoilers recall that in a recent episode, Connie Viniski overheard Sloan and Melinda‘s drunk conversation at Small Bar.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Connie
DOOL/ Will Connie expose Sloan and Melinda?

We wouldn’t be surprised if Connie caught enough of the babble to put two and two together about their baby theft. Even if she didn’t, we know people in Salem have their ways of piecing certain puzzles together. So might Connie! Perhaps with a little help from Leo?

Well, however that might be, we have a feeling Connie is going to play and angle here. Especially since she has some pickle with Melinda. Days of Our Lives spoilers recollect that she still is jilted with Melinda over Li Shin’s passing storyline. So, could she decide to use this intel to extract revenge?

We know that Nicole and baby Jude will shortly be reunited. Days of Our Lives spoilers have confirmed that the mother and son reunite before actress Ari Zucker exits DOOL in a couple months. And that can only happen if Sloan is exposed!


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Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Nicole
DOOL/ A Nicole- baby Jude reunion on the way

Moreover, DOOL is creating some hype around baby Jude’s christening! Do you think Connie will end up exposing Sloan and Melinda at the ceremony? Tell us in the comments.


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