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Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Next Two Weeks- March 4-15, 2024

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Tate-Holly

The upcoming weeks are going to be very thrilling, promise Days of Our Lives spoilers. Watch out for Steve and John stage a breakout plus abduction with Clyde. Meanwhile, Stefan begins cracking under the combined pressure of Clyde and Harris. Also, Holly tries to piece back her memory about NYE, but will she remember enough to clear Tate’s name?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers (March 4-8, 2024): John and Steve Help Ava, Paulina Prepares For A Grim Fate

Currently, Ava Vitali is facing her worst fears with Tripp and Wendy’s lives hanging in the balance. She is scrambling with Clyde’s latest round of threats. Thankfully, Steve and John agree to help her with the dire situation.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Steve -John
DOOL/ Steve and John have a dubious plan for Clyde

The season spies plan a prison break for Clyde, but intend to take him hostage once out in the open. Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that the end of his reign of terror is around the corner. Which also means that Wendy and Tripp will be rescued before they succumb to the lack of oxygen. Of course, after they exchange marital vows right there in the tank!

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Paulina ‘s failing heart forces her to face the truth about her end being near. Thus, she decides to put things into order and wills most of her assets to her grandchildren. But is it really the end, or will a miracle save her?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Paulina
DOOL/ Paulina faces the dark reality

Holly Struggles With Her Memory, Stefan Begins To Crumble

After a long stretch of coma, Holly is finally awake say Days of Our Lives spoilers. Unfortunately, her memory of the ill-fated night is foggy. Thus, when Nicole informs her about Tate giving her drugs, she feels unsure. Even if her brain is blocking the exact memories, deep down she might know that Tate did no such thing.

But will she find enough courage to actually recall and tell the truth that the drugs were her own? She surely won’t want to disappoint her mom with the truth, but can she let Tate take the fall? Thankfully, in the upcoming episodes Eric visits her, so he may offer some advice.

Days of Our Lives spoilers - Holly
DOOL/ Will Holly clear Tate’s name?

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Stefan has begun to unravel under pressure. He failed to take out Harris as Clyde had commanded. So, the criminal is building renewed pressure on him. Meanwhile, now, Harris too is cornering Stefan. Desperate for help, he approaches EJ. But will his estranged brother take pity on him?

Brady and Theresa Work Towards Saving Tate

As soon as Brady gets updates on Holly waking up, he pleads with Nicole to let him speak to the teen, reveal Days of Our Lives spoilers. However, Nicole refuses to allow it. She does not want Brady to build unnecessary pressure on her daughter.

Days of Our Lives spoilers - Nicole-Brady
DOOL/ Nicole refuses to help Brady

Elsewhere, Theresa fires Justin Kiriakis from Tate’s case and hires Sloan instead. Sloan is a much fierce lawyer than Justin is, and does not mind bending the rules every now and then. Will this new approach do Tate any better? Stay tuned to find out!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers (March 11-15, 2024): Marlena Helps Everett, Tate In New Trouble

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Everett is trusting Marlena in helping him clear the whole Bobby Stein mess. Could some therapy sessions with the doc help him recall the suppressed Bobby memories?

Days of Our Lives spoilers - Everett
DOOL/ Everett tries too piece the Bobby puzzle

During the week of March 11, 2024, Tate may end up getting into a new trouble. After Brady informs him about Holly waking up, he swipes Theresa’s phone hoping to ring Holly for help. But he is not allowed to have cellphones at the moment. So getting caught with one may land him in deep trouble.

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