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Abe Carver and Colin Make The Great Escape From The Hospital

On today’s Days of our Lives, Abe Carver and Colin managed to give the [majority of the] hospital staff the slip — but only one of them willingly.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Eric (Greg Vaughan) rumbled Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and Sloan’s (Jessica Serfaty) subterfuge while Jada (Elia Cantu) worked to excuse her sister’s criminal activities. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Abe Carver Is Wheeled Away

Despite his surgery having taken place hours earlier, Abe (James Reynolds) still hadn’t regained consciousness, and Paulina (Jackée Harry) was absolutely beside herself.


She implored her husband to awaken. She prayed to God for a miracle. The only comfort she managed to find was in her daughter’s arms, and even that proved fleeting.

Resolving to track down Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and get to the bottom of Abe’s state, Paulina took off, leaving Chanel (Raven Bowens) in charge of looking after Abe’s prone form.

And no sooner had Paulina exited and Chanel launched into a pitiful monologue than Abe came round…but all was not well.

First, he struggled to take in his surroundings [you’d think the combo hospital bed/hospital equipment would be a dead giveaway, but no]. Then he queried his predicament. Finally, he wondered aloud just who exactly Chanel was.


Chanel did her best to explain; she even produced her cell phone and showed Abe a picture of him and Paulina on their wedding day. Still, Abe couldn’t recall a thing.

days of our lives recap for wednesday, may 31, 2023, has abe carver in a hospital bed as chanel shows her phone.
Abe Carver didn’t recognize Chanel or a picture of Paulina on Days of our Lives.

Once Chantal — dang it, we mean Chanel [Abe’s amnesia must be catching] — ran off to fetch Paulina and/or a physician [good luck, there are only three on staff and one’s in Seattle, and one’s a headshrinker], Abe came face to face with one Nurse Whitley [Kim Coles] whom he mistook for Paulina.

Rather than correct her patient, Nurse Whitley went with the flow and used Abe’s addled state to convince him that they needed to make tracks, given that his attacker was still a patient in the same hospital.

Colin Bedford Gives The SPD The Slip

Having previously tangled with Nurse Whitley, whom he himself mistook for Paulina — and who, in turn, suggested that Colin get right with God — Colin (Jasper Newman) was in no mood for further disruptions to his day; Rafe (Galen Gering) didn’t care.

In fact, the Commish had personally come down to the medical institution to oversee Colin’s transfer to police custody, where he’d await trial for his litany of crimes [which include attempted murder, kidnapping, and false imprisonment].


Colin groused that the only person who should be charged with attempted murder was that “double-crossing bitch” Talia (Aketra Sevillian), who’d pushed him off the roof of the Salem Inn. Also, it was Talia who trashed Paulina’s office and spiked those biscuits, not him.

To that, Rafe pointedly pointed out that it was Colin who put Talia up to committing those offenses, but the villain argued that he’d never held a gun to Talia’s head and that she was a grown woman who could make her own decisions. “I never forced her to do a damn thing she didn’t want to do.”

days of our lives recap for wednesday, may 31, 2023, had colin bedford in a police uniform.
Colin Bedford managed to overtake a cop and steal his uniform.

Sometime later, Colin manages [somehow, despite his plethora of wounds] to overpower and undress the officer assigned to guard and escort him to jail. Upon donning the uniform, Colin makes it inside an elevator and [presumably] out the front doors.

DAYS Recap: Bond Girls

An anxious Nicole phoned Sloan and arranged a rendezvous to collect the DNA sample that Sloan swiped from Eric. Before Sloan could set off, however, Eric arrived with breakfast and a question — what has she and Nicole been keeping from him?

days of our lives recap for wednesday, may 31, 2023, has eric brady knowing sloan lied.
Eric Brady knew Sloan lied.

Realizing that the jig is up, Sloan laid it all on the line. “Nicole’s pregnant.” What’s more, she’s not sure who the baby’s father is. Hell, she’s not even sure when she conceived. “That explains the swab,” Mensa member [NOT!] Eric huffed.

When questioned, Sloan explained how she became involved in “all this.” Finding the prenatal vitamins, running into Nicole with DNA kit in hand, all of it. She even copped to being on her way to hand over the spit she procured from Eric the night previous. But Eric had other plans.

Opposite this, Anna (Leann Hunley) questioned whether Nicole had been able to get a DNA sample from EJ and got an update on “Operation Discover Baby Daddy.”

Always nosy, Anna pressed Nicole with quite the query. “If you find out that this baby is Eric’s, what does that mean for you and EJ?” Nicole’s response? She’s honestly been too stressed to give it much thought. The women both agree that EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) will be spitting mad in the event he’s not the father, Nicole doubly so since EJ recently confessed his love to her.

Anna reiterated to Nicole that, no matter what, she was on her side, and Nicole thanked her profusely for that…but she did have one request: no more questions and no more advice, no matter how well-meaning. She just can’t deal with it right now.

days of our lives recap for wednesday, may 31, 2023, had nicole walker and anna talking.
Nicole Walker tried to avoid Anna’s tough questions.

Equally disconcerting for Nicole was Eric’s sudden appearance at the DiMera manse’s front door.

DOOL Recap: Debate Club

Down at the local cop shop, Jada did her best to get to the root cause of Talia’s actions. More importantly, “What kind of spell did that sick bastard have you under?”

What Talia offered in way of explanation made Jada seriously consider that her sister had been coerced by an abusive lover, but Talia refused to entertain the notion. Colin had never hit her. Not ever. They’d been in love, “and when you’re in love…you do things to make that person happy.”

The one thing that Talia couldn’t do, however, was let Colin murder Chanel [and to a lesser extent Paulina]. She knew that as wrong and that she had to do something to stop him. That’s why she pushed him off that roof.

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