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Days of Our Lives: Juicy Details About Sarah and Xander’s Steamy Shower Scene

Days of Our Lives: Juicy Details About Sarah and Xander’s Steamy Shower Scene

Paul Telfer and Linsey Godfrey spill the tea on what went behind creating their scintillating shower escapades…

When Days of Our Lives first moved to Peacock from NBC, soap buffs thought the it would get super edgy. Although, the soap stood true to its roots and did not go overboard, despite the freedom of being an online streaming show. However, in recent months, DOOL dropped one of its HOTTEST intimate scene ever!

We are talking about Sarah and Xander’s steamy love making in the shower! Days of Our Live fans went absolutely gaga over how hot and mesmerizing it truly was. But was the scene as easy to shoot as easy it was on our eyes? Linsey and Paul spill it all!

Days of Our Lives - Paul - Linsey
DOOL/ Paul and Linsey talk about their sexy shower scene

In a recent chat with Soap Opera Digest, Linsey gushed that it was an amazing experience. Especially so, since she filmed for the first time with an intimacy coach. Speaking of the expert, the Days of Our Lives actress asserted that she was super cool and amazing!

Another thing that helped Linsey with the scene was the fact that it wasn’t her first. She has some experience with shower scenes from a previous film project. However, it was a first for Paul! But the beloved Xander actor confirmed that he was not very conscious of it, and most of his reactions were real and natural.

Days of Our Lives / SARAH-XANDER-SHOWER-
DOOL/ Sarah and Xander in the shower

His only fear prior to the filming was that the water would be too cold. But he thanked the Days of Our Lives makers for actually using warm water for the shoot. As for Linsey, she had some really legit fears. The actress revealed that the shot required her back and sides to be visible.


Thus, her only wardrobe options were pasties or sticky cups. “But sticky cups actually make me feel really self-conscious, because they pull down on you.” Thus, she opted for pasties. But her fears didn’t end there.

Days of Our Lives - SARAH-XANDER-SHOWER-
DOOL/ Sarah and Xander raise the heat

The Days of Our Lives star wanted to make sure that ” a) they weren’t see-through; b) they wouldn’t go anywhere; and c) that I was covered up.” Linsey shared that the positioning of the shot was such that she was facing the entire crew. She called it a very “humbling experience.”

Well, no matter how uncomfortable she must have been, it did not reflect in her scene. That proves what a phenomenal actress she is! We hope we get to see some more steamy stuff like that soon!

Days of Our Lives - Sarah- Xander
DOOL/ Here’s hoping to more hot Sarah and Xander scenes

What do you say? Did you enjoy the shower scene? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile. stay tuned to Soap Opera Daily for more Days of Our Lives spoilers and cast updates!

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